Your Stress-Free Guide To Planning A Holiday

Holidays are fantastic; they’re great to get away from everything for a few days or weeks. The only downside about going on holiday is the planning. Planning a holiday can be a source of much stress for most people. Theres a lot of responsibility on your shoulders when youre in charge of planning. So, to help ease your stress, Ive come up with a short guide. Not just any guide, a stress-free guide to planning a holiday:


Check Your Passport

You cant fly outside of the country without having a valid passport. The key word being valid. If you try and travel with an out of date passport, things will be tricky for you. One of the causes of most holiday stress is realising your passport expired. Most people don’t realise this until very late on. Usually, youre in a massive hurry and your new passport arrives the day before you leave, stress levels are high! But, if you check your passport way in advance, you relieve this stress. Its a simple thing to do, just find your passport and see when it expires. Do it before you book your holiday. Youll have peace of mind and plenty of time to get a new one if its out of date.


Get Some Health Insurance

This is something that lots of people forget about when theyre going on holiday. Youve been on holiday loads of times and never been ill or anything. So, you tend to forget about the importance of health insurance when abroad. Then, one time, youre on holiday and get sick, but have no insurance to cover it! It could end up costing you loads of money to pay for treatment. Or, in some countries, they wont be able to help you out if you dont have insurance. Back in the day, youd get an E111 card that would cover some of your health insurance. It would cover small things like sickness or doctor visits. These days, that card has been replaced by the EHIC card. If you apply for an E111 renewal, youll get a new EHIC card. Theyre pretty much the same thing, just with different names. Plus, the EHIC card is more updated. The bottom line is, you shouldnt go on holiday without health insurance. Of course, this card will only cover you in some European countries, it might be worth getting some private cover too.


Compare Prices

I recommend that you compare prices on every part of your holiday. Before you book flights, compare airlines to see which is cheapest. Compare the price of hotels in your destination. Even compare the price of transport to and from the airport. If you compare, you save. Many families have saved tonnes of money, simply by checking prices across the board. Theres no reason not to do it; it makes sense! Save money, and have a stress-free holiday.

And there you have it, these are three tips to help you plan a holiday. Hopefully, your holiday planning will be less stressful, and more enjoyable!

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About Lanna World

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