The Christmas List 7 Things to Get You in the Spirit This Season

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and as the end of the year draws closer youll start to feel the festive spirit more and more. Just in case you arent though how can you not! here are a few ways to get in on the Christmas vibe. Then youll really get your Christmas on this year!


First up on the list: decorations. Nothing says Christmas like the sight of a tree all fantastically decked out with family ornaments, lights and a tree topper to complete the scene. Spray some frost on the windows, place a Santa and reindeer in the yard and stick some paper snowflakes on the window. Theyll contribute to the Christmas feel, without a doubt.


Christmas Music

Music will unlock fond memories, so start creating your tailor-made Christmas playlist for optimal nostalgia. Whether its that song that makes you laugh or the one that makes you cry, add it to the list for a complete Christmas overhaul. Youll find yourself hummingDeck the Hallsthroughout the day before you know it.

Christmas Movies

Movies are another good tip for remembering Christmases past. Think about all the times you spent cuddled up with friends and family, watching movies likeIts A Wonderful LifeorA Christmas Story! These classics can take you back and make sure youre feeling festive. If youre looking to make new memories, gather the group and head out to the movie theater. There are sure to be some new Christmas classics just waiting to be discovered.


Go Caroling

As Buddy the elf says, The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. He couldnt be more right. After your Christmas playlist has you starting to feel the seasonal vibes, take your show on the road and spread the joy around.

Christmas Markets

Attending a Christmas market is an excellent way to start getting jolly. Besides the assortment of unique Christmas baubles on display, some markets have ice skating, rides and games as well.


Eat, Drink and be Merry

A big part of the holiday season is the food! Whether you decide to make some figgy pudding, bake some Christmas cookies or carve up some roast meat, food is a fun and delicious way to get into the Christmas spirit. And, speaking of spirits and other tasty alcoholic drinks at Christmas, theres always hot apple cider (which can be spiced up with mulled wine) or hot cocoa to warm you up outside and in.


Sometimes it takes shopping for Christmas presents to get you fully invested in the season. Yes, trudging from store to store grows tiring quickly, but when you find just the right thing to give your loved ones, it all becomes worth it. Plus, theres just something magical about knowing that whatever you buy will go under the tree or in a stocking to be opened Christmas morning.

This list should get you dashing in the snow and sledding down Santa Clauss way right into a merry little Christmas.

Images by mimsmithfaro, Gamma Man and Michael Cavn, used under Creative Commons license



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