Why You Should Cruise in 2016

As much as we want to travel, sometimes its simply easier to stay at home. When you consider the fact that we usually have to book flights, check if our passports need to be renewed, ensure that everyone can get time off work at the same time, and purchase accommodation and travel insurance, it can seem exhausting.

When were on vacation, we really just want to be able to relax. That means letting someone else handle the details, and spending the majority of our time having fun instead of constantly being on the move. The answer? Cruising. In fact the cruise industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the travel industry, as more and more people realise the benefits of stepping aboard for their holidays.

Here are some top reasons why you should cruise in 2016:



Cruising allows you to unpack once. While many people like to see multiple destinations while theyre traveling, packing, unpacking, checking in and out of hotels and traveling between spots can be exhausting and eat up precious holiday time. On a cruise youre taking directly to your next destination and get the best of both worlds-seeing the world without having to constantly move to new hotels. In fact youll be able to relax by the pool while on the way to exotic destinations.

Especially as we get older, say if you’re pushing the fun side of 50 years old, convenience is a big factor when being able to plan a trip. Cruises is a great option because it means we can see a lot, and do as much or as little as we want without having to change rooms, lug our stuff around, or spend hours trying to figure out how to get between destinations.



Cruise ships really have the best facilities. Theyre like an all-inclusive resort only better and youre extremely unlikely to get bored. Cruise ships have a variety of entertainment options including movie theatres, bowling, nightclubs, bars and plenty of shopping. You can relax by the pool or in the spa, treat yourself to a haircut or facial or work off some of those holiday calories at the gym. There are also entertainers onboard so you can watch great shows each night, including musicals, plays, comedians and dancing.



Cruise ships travel to the best destinations in the world. These are the places you see on the cover of brochures at the travel agent and often will cost thousands of dollars to fly there- making cruising the best choice. If you choose a company like Saga Travel youll also have smaller cruise ships which are a huge advantage because not only will you form closer relationships with guests, but the ship can dock in more locations, allowing you to see the out of the way destinations that other ships cant get to.


You can often find excellent cruise deals, particularly if you book in advance when fares have just been released. One of the biggest reasons why so many people love to cruise is the fact that theyre all inclusive. That means your fare includes your food, entertainment, accommodation and transportation to all of your destinations. You can also choose to include drinks packages and pre-pay for your gratuities when you book your cruise, and can pre-book tours at each destination so you dont have to open your wallet at all.

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