Study Shows a Hot Tub is Considered the #1 Luxury Holiday Amenity

Its easy to go months or even years without taking a break, and once we take the time to relax, we often realise that we really needed to chill out and recharge our batteries, returning to work clear-headed and refreshed, and being more productive as a result.

Blue Chip Holidays recently completed a new survey, to study the must-haves for people who want to take the time for a luxury holiday. The results were an interesting look into what most people consider to be the ideal things needed in order to truly relax.


The study was a survey of more than 1000 adults from the UK, and they were asked what the must have item would be if they were going to spend some time relaxing in a luxurious holiday home. Respondents were able to choose from a list of predetermined options or add their own, and the majority (34%) said it would be a private pool or hot tub that would make them a happiest.

This was closely followed by a private balcony or garden (31%) being dog-friendly (14%), a private chef (14%) and a open fire or log burner (9%).

While these results were interesting themselves, they were even more interesting once they were broken down. All of the respondents who lived within the UK voted the hot tub or private pool as their number one must-have, while those who were aged over 65 in Northern Ireland preferred that it had an open fire or log burner. This is compared to those who were aged from 25 to 34, who were split between the hot tub, private garden and private chef.


For those who were over 65 and lived in Scotland, they also had a three way tie, between being dog friendly, an open fire, or a private chef, while those who were between 54 and 64, they liked the sound of a dog friendly holiday home with a private chef.

Brand & Communications Manager at Blue Chip, Tori Kirway-Taylor spent some time talking about the study and what it revealed.

We were interested to see what the must-have item would be, depending on the location and age of the holiday maker. The results show that when it comes to luxury we all have different ideas about what we would like to see and how we want to be treated. Thats why we ensure our holiday cottages offer something for everyone.


She continued on by saying that Blue Chip was pleased to see that many people who took the poll considered a private chef to be a nice addition to their holiday, since this is something that can be offered as part of their holiday planning service. Finally, Tori said that Blue Chip pride themselves on going the extra mile for their guests and providing the little touches that make luxurious holidays something special.

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