Fun Ideas for Celebrating Quarantine-O-Ween

It’s as if the COVID-19 is still not scary enough for some, but the Halloween party people in us seem to be making us a lot more resilient to crave to celebrate. It is not to encourage a wrong mindset of wanting to go out and party for Halloween, but taking away one of the most anticipated holidays around the world is such a downer. 

For those who are eager and fun enough to want to make this happen for the kids and the not-so-kids alike, here are fun ideas for celebrating Halloween during COVID-19: 

Decorate your house like you mean it. First thing in the list. Your neighbors should know that you are down for it. Bring out your creative side and put up the decorations you have been waiting for since last year. A great idea is to put a wall art sign, like a halloween wall art at widdlytinks in front of your doorsteps or right in front of your yard to welcome the innocent passers-by of the horror that your house decorations can bring.

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Turn your front yard into a graveyard… for candies. Set up makeshift tombstones, and even coffins that can be opened by the kids and onlookers. Make them guess what type of candy or treat is buried and what misfortune led them to their demise. 

Ghost or Monster Piñatas. Even the adults would like to hit that! You can make your own monsters or order online for those scary monster piñatas and strategically hang them on a tree in your yard, or right above the candy grave.

Host a Zoom Costume Party / Contest. Make your friends or neighbors sport their best and scariest costumes on your online conference. To add twist to it, invite the winner over your overly decorated, scary Haunted House, and make them experience first hand the scary treatment you are going to give them. Take a video of that “house tour” and post it on social media and watch it as it goes viral. Make sure that you are following the safety protocols and observing social distancing when they visit your lair.

Make a Halloween movie marathon a must. Post announcements on your social media or even in your neighborhood and let them know the schedule for your what movie’s showing when. Set up chairs and tables following the social distancing rules in your backyard and invite them over for a free movie courtesy of your projector and your Netflix subscription. 

Make your driveway Trick-or-Treat-ready. Set up a table of communal treats, together with alcohol bottles and hand sanitizers, of course. You can put those treats and liquids in scary looking containers and disguise them as magic potions or some nasty spirit. Encourage the drivers to trade their treats with yours if they want to, provided that they spray the “potion” before and after touching anything.

Set up a Halloween buffet while you’re at it! If you have enough time to prepare, you can cook a dish or bake a cake as if they are parts of a cadaver with the belly sliced open, or maybe a smashed skull made with a candy crust, exposing the brain made of gelatin. Shower with Halloween themed gummy worms all around the table. Imagination is your limit.

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