Circa Sports & Resorts Casino Halt NBA Bets Honouring Kobe Bryant

The world of sports has been overshadowed with a heavy and dark cloud after the passing of the NBA star Kobe Bryant. At least two sportsbook operators, Ciras Sports in Las Vegas and Resorts best usa online casino sites of Atlantic City stopped taking bets on NBA’s slate. This as a gesture to honour Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant.

Kobe Bryant, 41 died in a helicopter crash on Sunday Morning in Calabasas, Calif, a suburb in the San Fernando Valley.

The NBA’s fourth-leading scorer of all time as well as a five-time champion and his daughter Giana, 13 were part of the nine that perished in the helicopter accident.

Ciras Sports wrote on their twitter handle addressing the halting of all NBA bets to Honour the basketball legend; “Due to the unfortunate loss of NBA legend, Kobe Bryant, we are paying our respect by closing all NBA markets for the evening- we will reopen these markets at 9am tomorrow morning.”

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The death of Kobe will not stop you for playing jeux de casino liste games for real money. That’s exactly what Kobe has always been advocating for. He always wanted everyone to work hard, believing that there are 24 hours in a day for you to achieve your goals. Therefore, if online casino gambling will not cost 24 hours of your day why not play for real money whilst mourning Kobe.

No NBA Games Cancellations

Whilst games were not postponed, NBA players discover ways to remember the basketball legend. In the San Antonio Spurs and Toronto Raptors, the teams have an agreement prior to the game that the winner of the opening tip would run 24-second shot clock down without shooting to memorialize the Lakers basketball star who wore the number 24 shirt for the most part of his career.

Not only sportsbooks have halted operations after the passing of Kobe. The whole world has come in solidarity to pay their last respect to this legend.

PSG star Neymar Jr pays his respects to Kobe Bryant after scoring his second goal of the match against Lile. The former’s gestures clearly indicate that the sporting world has been shaken.



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