The Biggest Trends for Bathrooms and Kitchens in 2017

Are you planning a home makeover in 2017? If so, youre probably already aware that the best way to add value to your home is to update the kitchen and bathroom. For this reason, weve got the biggest trends for bathrooms and kitchens in 2017:


This trend is all about using vintage-inspired glamour and period fittings to give your bathroom an elegant, timeless look. This is a great way to ensure that your bathroom has some serious character, and you can expect to see clawfoot tubs, sculpted sanitaryware, and wall mounted bath faucets.

Shine and shimmer

If you want to ensure your bathroom has a bright open feel, along with the wow factor, choosing a pale, glossy finish that will reflect light is the way to do it. Choosing glass, mirrored finishes, and glossy surfaces will make your space look much bigger, boost the levels of light, and are also easy to keep clean.

Some of the most common materials for this look are reflective tiles and wall panels, mirrored or coloured glass, and glossy furniture.

Go Natural

If you want your bathroom or kitchen to have an earthy elegancy, using smart stone and warm wood is the way to go. These natural materials add warmth and character to your rooms while also softening the lines of bathroom and kitchenware. Whether youre looking for the minimalist, period, rustic, modern, or traditional look, there are many different materials that will help you transform your kitchen or bathroom.

Stone is a great option, and kitchen sinks, baths, and basins that have been carved from stone can be a great focal point. Before buying a composite or stone bath however, be sure to find out if your floor can take the weight since they can be very heavy.

Another great way to incorporate stone is with tiles, such as a kitchen tile backsplash or tiles around the bath. Wood panelling is also a great way to liven up a space, and is also excellent at keeping rooms warm in winter. Avoid wooden floors in the bathroom unless it has been properly treated and you have ensured that the room is ventilated properly.

Be dramatic

If youre aiming to inject life into your kitchen or bathroom scheme, adding splashes of colour with statement patterns is an easy way to do it. Its also easy to make plain white ceramics a little more exciting as well, but youll need to take some time to think about the execution here- consider creating a mood board to help you get a handle on your ideas.

Some of the biggest colours this year are greys, deep sea blues, and rich aubergines. If you want to embrace a more modern look, consider coloured glass shower panels or storage cabinets that have a high-gloss lacquer. There are also many different tiles that you can use to completely and cost-effectively change the look of your bathroom, including different shades and finishes, and even geometric designs.

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