Are you a shopaholic? Here are the best things to buy this year

If youre someone who loves to shop, you may have trouble narrowing down the best items to buy. After all, its easy to assume that youll definitely wear that fake fur vest for years to come, while its more likely that itll be sitting in the back of your closet, lonely and ignored for the next decade.

Weve narrowed down the best things for you to spend money on this year, so you can save the rest of your money and still get a chance to go a little wild.

Here are the best things to buy this year:

A cashmere sweater

Instead of buying a couple of items at Zara, or even multiple purchases at H&M or Forever 21, consider investing in an ultraluxe and comfortable sweater that will keep you warm and stay soft for years. If you look after your sweater properly youll find that it will last longer than you ever imagined, and youll feel spoiled every time you put it on.

A good blazer

A blazer can take you from office to after-work drinks and back again. It can keep you looking chic at work, while dressing up your favourite jeans in the weekend, and it really is a must if you work in an office. A nice navy blazer is always a good choice, and the same goes for black or even an olive green (youd be surprised at how many colours you can mix and match).

A Clarisonic

If you havent yet heard of the Clarisonic, youve been missing out. When you use the traditional method of cleaning your face, youre usually not getting your skin as clean as you think you are, while a Clarisonic uses the latest sonicare technology, removing impurities from your skin and therefore allowing your moisturisers and serums to absorb better. Since the Clarisonic cleans your skin six times better than your hands, youll be noticing brighter, more even skin within just a few weeks.


iPhone wallet case

Theres nothing better than combining your phone and your wallet, and it means that you have one less thing to keep an eye on while youre out having a good time. Consider grabbing an iPhone 7 wallet case with credit card holder if youre someone who likes to take both your phone and your wallet out with you at night, or for something a little more unique, consider a wooden phone case.

Then of course, theres the much-wanted JimmyCASE, which, while not for your phone, is a great option for keeping your money and credit cards safe this year.

A good straightener

If youve ever used a friends straightener after spending years using your cheap hair tools, its likely that youve noticed a big difference. If youre going to be using high temperatures with your hair, its super important that youre using the best tools. Consider a GHD hair straightener, which has been known to be the best in the business for years, or check out the Sultra bombshell curling wand.

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