The Effect of a Good Air Conditioning Unit to Molds

One of the significant problems we are facing during a hot and humid season is mold. Mold is a fungal growth that is very active on the wet and moisture surface. In outdoor areas, it plays a significant role in nature because it helps to break down dead organic matter like fallen leaves and trees. On the other hand, the accumulation of mold in indoor areas should be avoided at all costs. This is why landowners need to provide some actions to eliminate the growth of molds. It will destroy your home as well as your health. One of the most effective ways to get rid of the molds into your property is by the use of air-conditioners. Here are several ways you can do to prevent the spreading of molds using a functional air conditioning unit.

  1.   Air-Conditioning Unit can regulate the Humidity Level

Humidity creates moisture, and moisture provides molds. An excellent air-conditioning unit controls and maintains the humidity level of your home. Keeping the humidity level in your home low will prevent the growth of molds. According to the cooling expert, we need to maintain a humidity level below 60%. Purchasing of hygrometer will help you monitor and track the humidity inside your house.


  1.   Arrange a Planned Preventive Maintenance for your Air-Conditioning Unit

Planning a schedule preventive maintenance on your air-conditioning units will help you to prevent the accumulation of molds. Regular inspection and cleaning of air filters every month will provide very efficient airflow for your air-con unit. It will have a huge impact on the ventilation system inside your home.

  1.   Clean the Drain Pans of an Air-Conditioning Unit

Drain pans of an Air-conditioning unit should be clean at least every three months. It is where the molds accumulate most in the system because this area is always wet and prone to moisture. Make sure to de-clog the drain lines by using a pressurized washer.

  1.   Arrange a Professional Air-con Technician for Comprehensive Cleaning

A professional service technician should come out at least once a year for a comprehensive cleaning of your AC unit. Their service must include:

  •       Cleaning the Indoor Unit Coils
  •       Cleaning the Outdoor Unit Coils
  •       Cleaning the Drain Pan of Indoor Unit
  •       Replacing the Air-con filters

The service level that they provide will ensure that your air-conditioning unit will run smoothly and efficiently. 

Other Tips to Stop Molds

Aside from having a well-maintained air conditioning system, there are other things you can do to stop the molds inside your home.

  1.       Buy a dehumidifier. It will help to reduce the humidity level below 60% inside your home.
  2.       Check and fix and leakage inside your home to prevent moisture.
  3.       Install an exhaust fan in your kitchen and bathroom to prevent the hot and humid air circulates inside your home.
  4.       Repair any holes on your roof.

Mold remediation Tampa is an on-going challenge in humid climates, particularly in Florida, because we need to maintain your home mold-free. However, with the proper and maintained air-conditioner, we can prevent mold, and it will keep your home comfortable, safe, and healthy living. 

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