Travel to Mexico and Save Thousands on Dental Implants

Dental care around the globe is quite expensive, especially in developed countries. This reason is why people from the US and Canada are seeking dental treatment abroad. Due to the low-cost dental treatment, Mexico earned a name for itself as a dental tourism hub. You can get crowns and even dental implants in Mexico. The best part is that this treatment is available for a fraction of the cost.

Even though affordable dentists in Los Algodones charge substantially less, most people are not keen on travelling to Mexico. There are a number of reasons for this. First, people are unsure of how much they will save and whether the travel will be worth it. In addition, many are even skeptical about the treatment standards in Los Algodones. If you are looking for a cost-effective option for your dental treatment, you should consider travelling to Mexico. Here are a few reasons why:


Reliable Clinics

Clinics in Mexico are reliable. They have state-of-the-art facilities. Each clinic makes an effort to ensure they deliver the best treatment. This is because clinics in Mexico face stiff competition. They have to keep the prices low to attract customers. These clinics also rely significantly on word of mouth and repeat customers.

Therefore, they do their best to offer treatments as per international standards. However, getting the best treatment for the best price is all about selecting a reputable clinic. Here are three reliable clinics in Mexico you should consider:

  • Sani Dental
  • Simply Dental
  • Supreme Dental


If you have concerns about how much are dentists in Mexico charge for procedures, here is a price comparison:


All-on-4 Prices

US: USD $26,000

Canada: CAD $34,400

Molar City: USD $10,000 / CAD $13,000

Dental Implant Prices

US: USD $3,900

Canada: CAD $5,000

Molar City: USD $1,250 / CAD $1,700

All-on-6 Prices

US: USD $27,000

Canada: CAD $34,831

Molar City: USD $9,000 / CAD $11,612

Dental Crowns’ Prices

US: USD $900 to USD $1,500

Canada: CAD $1,132 to CAD $1,887

Molar City: USD $160 to USD $500/ CAD $201 to CAD $629

At an average, a dentist will charge you less than half for any treatment, including dental implants in Mexico. This will help you save a significant amount. The best part is these savings will cover your travel expense. In fact, you will still be saving money even after factoring in the travel costs.

How Can These Clinics Provide Affordable Care?

Most clinics in Mexico keep prices low thanks to their low overheads. This is a challenge for clinics in developed countries. They have to deal with strict regulations. This reason is why their operational expenses are quiet high. Therefore, they charge a higher price. Affordable dentists in Los Algodones do not have to deal with strict regulations. In fact, these clinics receive considerable support from the government. Thanks to the low cost, they charge a nominal price for the treatments they offer.

Another reason these clinics are able to maintain low overheads are the low cost of living. Since Mexico is a cheap place to live in, the staff that these clinics hire does not charge a hefty salary. As a result, clinics can employ skilled staff at a lower salary; keeping overhead costs low. Due to the relaxed regulations, materials are also cheaper in Mexico. Of course, if the materials are cheap, the treatment will be cost-effective as well. All these factors contribute to negating any concerns you have regarding how much are dentists in Mexico.

Dental treatment costs in the US and Canada will rise further down the line. It will not be long before most people are unable to afford dental care entirely. Therefore, the affordable dental implants in Mexico and other treatments offer you the ideal alternative.

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