How To Make Money Playing Video Games

It is common knowledge to everyone that being a professional video gamer comes with prizes galore. Professional games who enter the competitions which offer huge financial rewards always make money. Have you ever thought of making money from your usual gaming habit without changing from being an amateur to a professional gamer? Video game and online casino forums are commonly associated with tales of the financial rewards. This means you can make a few dollars if you a sharp. Do not think that this is an easy thing to do. If it was really easy, everyone would have been a professional gamer. Here are a few ways to help you make money as a gamer.



This is when large video game companies employ video game testers. These testers examine the development of the game and discover glitches. This might sound like a good money making scheme but you should approach it without caution. Some reports indicate that PlayTesters do not make much money. At the same time, they won’t get the chance to play the games they really enjoy.

Use games to make yourself professional

This is somewhat far-fetched. However, a small number of people have managed to move from a virtual world to a real world to make money. This is similar to the concept of using bonuses from games won in online casino gaming to perfect gaming skills. Click if you are a fan of online casino games.

Self-Advanced Characters

This works well with games like World of Warcraft. In this game, characters can build up with new skills. Despite the fact that it is forbidden, characters in the game are usually sold for anything up to 10 000 pounds. Web sites such Armoury Bids or Player Auctions make this possible. They facilitate the regular trading.

Playing videos

Recording videos of you playing the games and posting them on YouTube is an another way of video game income. Take into consideration the fact that YouTube allows you to monetize your videos.

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