How To Secure Your Android And Your Information

Phone security is still a new field and you may be wondering the best ways to secure your Android from unwanted information, theft and snooping. Unfortunately, this field is growing quickly as thieves are finding ways to access, and steal, your personal information. The good news is that you can take steps to protect your phone.

Avoid Unsecured Networks: While public wi-fi is handy when you are in a pinch and low on data, you should keep in mind that most public networks are not secure. Unsecure networks either do not encrypt data, or do so poorly. This means that it is relatively easy for a hacker to access the network and, therefore, your private information.


Set Passwords: Setting passwords for both your phone and apps that contain your private information will help ensure that even if your phone is hacked, the thief will have trouble gaining access to everything that you have. A good password should be difficult to guess- do not use your name or your birth date- and you should avoid repeating whole passwords or parts of passwords.

Up Your Antivirus Security: Adding to your phones security with an Android antivirus app is one of the best ways to stop network hackers and spyware from gaining access to your phone. A great antivirus will also help secure potentially risky networks by encrypting your information. There are several free antivirus for Android apps available for Download on Google Play. Before you choose, make sure that you compare your options and choose the one that will best protect your mobile device. Once you have made your choice, make sure to update your chosen app on a regular basis and also to keep yourself updated on the newest antivirus trends.

With a good antivirus and some vigilance you can keep your Android, and your information, out of the wrong hands.


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