Biggest Casino Jackpots In History – Luckiest Gambling Winners


There have been a lot of groundbreaking wins in the history of casino games. Many of these wins have come with great stories. Many of these stories are not known to a lot of players, which is why one of Canadian casinos has compiled some of the biggest casino jackpots in history.

  • Biggest Slot Machine Jackpot. One of the biggest slot machine jackpots was won by Elmer Sherwin. What is more interesting is that, he hit a big jackpot not once but twice. In the process Elmer Sherwin created history by hitting two of the biggest jackpots in history. Sherwin won both jackpots at a Megabucks slot machine winning $4.6 million at the Mirage in 1989. Sixteen years later, in the year 2005 Sherwin had a go at it again. In his 90s at the time, Sherwin played in North Las Vegas in the Cannery Casino and won a whooping sum of $21.1 million.
  • Biggest Blackjack Winner. Demonstrating how science and gambling can work together, the biggest blackjack winners were MIT students. These students employed the strategy of card counting in their play, working as a team to ensure their strategy was not detected by dealers. Their winning streak saw them win up to $100 million.


  • Big Win At The Roulette Wheel. Ashley Revell took a big risk in 2004, and it resulted in one of greatest wins at the roulette wheel. Revell sold all his property and traveled to Las Vegas where he placed all the money he had on a spin of the roulette wheel. Staking on a red bet, Revell put a little over $135,000 winning double the sum. Revell’s experience was filmed and was aired as a short reality show known as Double or Nothing.
  • Highest Payout At The Craps Table. One of the greatest craps player in the history of the game is Patricia Demauro. Demauro also recorded one of the highest payouts in the history of craps. Playing at the Borgata in Atlantic City, she recorded an impressive win of 154 consecutive throws in 2009. Although the value of the actual amount won never got out, it is estimated to be at least $1million.


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