Fun things to do over the Christmas holidays

We all look forward to the Christmas holidays and having time off work to relax, recharge, and catch up with friends and family. But if youre like most people, its likely that youll get bored at some stage over the Christmas holidays.

Often, we can get so caught up in wanting to not be at work and have some free time to enjoy ourselves, that once we get that time off we can find that we dont quite know what to do with our time.

If youre worried about getting bored this Christmas, here are some fun things to do over the Christmas holidays:


Play Online

For those who like to play online, there is no better time than over the Christmas holidays. While many of these websites are more known for casino than bingo, 32 Red Bingo is an online bingo site with great customer care, lucrative promotions and awesome bonuses- along with a huge portfolio of different games. Youll also be able to get a loyalty bonus if you continue to make deposits.


One of the great (and bad) things about the Christmas and New Years period is the amount of food and alcohol we generally consume. While its great to enjoy delicious food and socialise with friends and family, if youre not careful youll find that you end up putting on some serious weight over the Christmas period. The answer? Working out over Christmas will ensure that you can keep those extra kilos at bay and still be able to eat your favourite treats.
For those who dont mind the cold, consider heading outside for a run and enjoying the fresh air. A trip to the gym is another great way to stay fit over the holidays, and strength training will build muscle which means youre burning more calories even while youre at rest.

Another great is HIT training, which is high-intensity interval, and you can burn up to 500 calories an hour. For those who dont like leaving the house when its chilly outside, there are plenty of awesome workout videos available online, including Insanity, the Beach Body Workout, yoga, pilates, strength training, boxing, and much more.



It can be easy to feel like youre doing nothing but talking to different people over the Christmas period, which means you may be tempted to spend the rest of your time alone (particularly if youre an introvert). But many of your friends will also be home over the Christmas period, so now is the time to make a group Facebook or WhatsApp chat and invite your friends to hang out.

For those who are planning to work out, grab some friends and go for a run or walk together, and if you really dont want to leave your home, consider having everyone over to watch movies or your favourite TV show, or maybe even introduce them to your favourite online Bingo site.

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