Trainer Tamar Geller & why she practices a non-aggressive way to teach your dog good behavior

Tamar Geller is considered the best private dog trainer around the Los Angeles area, and for good reason. Not only is she an author who has topped the NYT bestseller list, but she has also gotten accolades for her work with celebrity pups, including those of Ben Affleck and Oprah Winfrey! If you have been searching for a private dog trainer in Los Angeles, then your search is over.


Tamar Geller Is the Best Private Dog Trainer

When you bring your dog to Tamar, she shows you how to positively train your dog. She never uses force or intimidation to get your dog to listen. Instead, she shows the dog love, attention, and positive ways of getting more of her attention. She has found that this loving approach gets dogs to listen much quicker than trying to be aggressive with her teachings.

Dogs and owners are responding much more favorably to her approach than most other approaches, and it is helping these dogs and owners form a much deeper bond than they would have without this type of training. She offers numerous types of training methods that you and your dog can benefit from, including:

  • Online dog training courses
  • Internet calls over Skype where you can ask specific questions
  • In-person private training
  • In-person group lessons where many dogs are trained at the same time
  • Training vacations where your dog is immersed into a lovingly positive training environment

If you want to find out what Tamar could do to help you and your dog, then give The Loved Dog a call today. She has many different ways of helping you and your dog form a long-lasting, positive relationship, so find out how quickly you can go in and meet with her, face-to-face.

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