What Do You Need to Pack for a Trip to Fiji?

Fiji is a tiny island in the South Pacific, north of New Zealand, but not part of any other nation in particular. Though small, this is a remarkable island nation, with culture, food, landscapes, and wildlife all its own. Youll never run out of stuff to do on Fiji, and because its not the worlds most frequently visited country, you can enjoy an experience that few get to have in their lifetimes. Here are a few of the things youll need in your suitcase when you board your plane. You may not have time to do all of the things we talk about here, but if that seems unfair, just let the rest of the items motivate you to plan a second trip to Fiji, somewhere down the line.


Communication Methods. Fiji has modern systems in place, but because it is still small and relatively isolated from the rest of the world, its important to plan ahead. Packing a phone card like the one provided by NobleCom Fiji will allow you to easily communicate with people back in your home country, if only to gloat about how amazing a time you are having. If you dont want the extra plastic card in your wallet and dont mind carrying around your Smart Phone, the NobleCom App will also do nicely.


Swim Trunks. Though you could certainly pack light and buy them when you get there, youll definitely want to get in the water. Fiji is the perfect place to swim, scuba dive, kayak, fish, and otherwise glory in the crystal clear waters that surround this island. The ocean has always been a source of survival for Fijis people. Today is no different. Seafood finds its way onto many a dish, no matter where you are on the island. Whether you catch it yourself or pay someone else for the trouble, seafood is something you should definitely enjoy while youre in Fiji, whether youre wearing swim trunks of not.


Clothes for Various Weather. While you could easily stay in Fiji and remain roasty toasty on the beach, there are other climates to enjoy. Fiji has mountains and thick forestation. Many ancient villages still reside in parts of Fiji, with the residents living lives not so different from their ancient ancestors. Plan ahead how much of Fiji you plan to explore, and pack clothes accordingly. Depending on the day and the vista, you might be wearing a bikini or a parka.

Some quick research about the environment, culture, and destination spots of Fiji will quickly show you that this is a diverse country with something for everyone. You cant hope to enjoy it all, even if you stayed for a year or more. The only thing that is certain is that you will want to return, to bring your friends, and to find out how such an unspoiled piece of paradise has remained so unspoiled. Relax for your personal betterment and stay awhile. Fiji has been there for a long time, and its not going anywhere anytime soon.

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