Five Truths Lottery Winners Wont Admit to You

Most of us has played a lottery at some time or another in our lives so it is easy for us to imagine the pure excitement we feel when our winning numbers are about to be drawn. Click here if you are ready for one of the best lotteries today and you want to learn how to play euromillions online, but keep in mind how we think about all the things we are going to do with the money, but we often dont think about all the things the money is going to do to us. While there are a plethora of truths a lottery winner wont admit to you, lets focus on the top five just to impress the importance of knowing how to manage your fortune in a responsible manner and to make your money last!



Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?

Believe it or not many lottery winners will lose or spend all their winnings within five years or less. Were not talking about multi-million dollar winners necessarily. We are talking about winners of more modest jackpots like Sharon T. Sharon won $10 million in a Canadian Lottery and quickly and foolishly spent her winnings on fancy cars, big houses, lavish parties, etc. and today she is back riding the bus to work living paycheque to paycheque. The moral of the story is to spend and save your money wisely. You can read more about Sharons plight here.

What do you Spend Your Money On?

Many lottery winners would make you think that they like talking about money, but one of the myths about lottery winners is that they hate answering frequent questions, like Where do you keep all of your money? or How do you spend your money? When you think about it, these are personal questions for people with or without money and they should be kept private. You wouldnt ask questions like this to a Managing Director of a major corporation. So remember big lottery winners do not like talking about their money.


Thats you in the Spotlight!

Another legend is that lottery winners enjoy being in the spotlight. They wont admit it, but sometimes they are forced into the limelight. For example, in the United States some state laws require you to hold a press conference and to hold up a big cheque announcing your winnings. So bear in mind that your winnings could very well be a matter of public record.

A Friend in Need

Theres a saying, A friend in need is a friend indeed. This means that if it is a true friend, they will be there for us no matter what. Most lucky lottery winners dont want to admit that their friends have made a change in their lifestyle. For example, if you wanted to go on a trip somewhere and you asked a friend to go with you. You might feel obligated to pay your friends way, or the friend may feel its your obligation to pay since you have all the money. This could put an unwelcomed strain on the relationship.

Let It Ride!

Finally, its not just a gambling fever that lucky jackpot lottery winners have; its just part of their personalities. They play the lottery and winning one huge jackpot isnt necessarily going to stop them. Lottery winners are reluctant to admit that they will keep on playing the lottery because they are sure they will win again. You would too if it happened to you. You certainly could afford it.


So, there you have it just a few facts that lottery winners wont readily admit to you. This is in no way meant to scare you away from playing your favourite lottery, but rather it is a brief lesson in understanding that with winning a large lottery jackpot comes responsibility and good sense. Now, get out there and play and win and enjoy.


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