Top Destinations for a Summer of ‘Normality’

After a tragic 2020 and 2021, the summer of 2022 begins with the promising arrival of travel bans being lifted and the light at the end of the tunnel is finally beginning to show. Undoubtedly, there is a pent-up desire to travel again and the impulse is to pack the suitcase right now. The question is where to go at a time when, although vaccination is advancing, covid-19 is still very much present?

What are the preferences?

With the relaxation of isolation measures and the gradual resumption of tourism, travellers have been thinking long-term and are already looking for their next destination. But what are the preferences?

The strongest destinations this summer will be those that have managed to convey that they are safe, have facilitated the entry of tourists, and have convenient transport links. In addition, hygiene and safety conditions are now a major concern, with travellers prioritising places that meet cleanliness and disinfection requirements when choosing their accommodation.

Another widespread requirement among most travellers is that they want to secure their purchase against any setbacks, so they are opting for companies that offer flexibility in their booking policies, making it modifiable and cancellable.

That is precisely the reason behind this travel talk. If 2022 finally turns out to be the year that will bring back the possibility of going anywhere in the world, Skokka has already gone ahead and made a list of 3 destinations to travel to this summer, for those who are eager to have a getaway around the world, alone, with friends or with a beautiful Nottingham escort.


Costa Rica is a rugged and jungle-like Central American country with Caribbean and Pacific coastlines, known for its beaches, volcanoes, and biodiversity.

Traveling there is synonymous with beautiful tropical beaches, exciting adventures, natural wonders, and interesting culture.

The climate in Costa Rica is warm all year round, making it a good summer or other seasonal destination for those who want to discover the country beyond its beaches with one of the sexy escorts in San José.

With its “pura vida” philosophy, which is a state of mind, an appreciation of life’s simple pleasures. Costa Rica consistently ranks as one of the happiest countries in the world.


Mexico, the Central American country increasingly chosen as a holiday destination.  A country of 2 million square kilometres, with the greatest diversity of climates in the world, considered one of the seventeen megadiverse countries on the planet, where visitors can enjoy impressive archaeological sites, wildlife, visit several magical cities, and experience the Mexican coastline bathed by the Caribbean and Pacific Seas.

Not to mention the Mexican cuisine, which is a delight to the palate. When it comes to Mexican food, Tacos immediately come to mind, and not in vain have they earned their place as one of the most famous dishes in the world, but there is so much more… from fajitas, enchiladas, pozole to quesadillas.

In addition to its welcoming and cheerful people… Mexico stands out for the beauty of the men and women, who can enrich the trip by combining tourism and pleasure.


Eating ceviche and lomo saltado in a Peruvian restaurant, reaching Machu Picchu, learning more about the legendary Inca empire, strolling through the city of Lima, exploring the Amazon jungle and flying over the mysterious Nazca lines. Peru is a benchmark for Latin American adventure.  

In addition to its people, Peruvians are very friendly and considerate towards tourists, and overall they make visitors feel at home in the South American country. There are many reasons to include the country on the bucket list: gastronomy, history, culture, traditions, beaches and the flora and fauna.

Whichever destination is chosen, it is important to keep in mind that with any symptoms, whether fever or cough, it is always advisable to stay at home, rest and observe the conditions. 

After all that happened in 2020, tourism is tending to return, but in a more conscious way. Security measures will be increasingly demanded and, after all, it is the best way to keep up with the progress of the pandemic. 

The best places to travel after Covid-19 are those that ensure that tourists feel safe, follow recommended sanitary protocols and organise their facilities to respect established distance limits. It is also the tourist’s responsibility to avoid crowded spots and to be prepared with alcohol gel for emergencies.

Travelling is getting closer. The long-awaited new normal has already arrived in many countries, so it is time to get out the bikini and beachwear from the wardrobe, buy sunscreen and plan the much-desired reunion with the sea together with one of the stunningly gorgeous escorts in Canberra

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