How to Dress According to your Profession? 

Every workplace has a dress code. Whether you’re a tradesperson or a banker, presenting yourself in accordance with the nature of the work is very important. Your attire not only speaks for your profession but also injects a dash of personality into your character. 

Let us explore attire requirements for different professions. 

Corporate Job  

Corporate workplaces often require their employees to either wear business formal attire or business casual attire. Both these attires require possessing lots of shirts, blazers, suits, and ties. 

Some professions have retained their sense of traditions. No barrister or banker would wear anything less than a well-tailored suit. However, on the other hand, many corporate professionals such as start-up businesses, IT, finance, and management have liberalized their attire policy. Employees are now allowed to wear business casual attires that consist of a semi-formal shirt or a t-shirt, pants, and casual and fashion-friendly shoes. Some offices have introduced ‘Dress-Down Thursdays’ or ‘Casual Fridays’ for employees to explore more clothing options and wear something they like or are comfortable with. If you’re a corporate professional, go for high-quality linen or cotton shirts, a few casual blazers, blue, black, and khaki pants, and a handful of three-piece suits for special meetings and events. 

Trade Job

If you’re working as a tradesperson, health and safety requirement plays a huge role in what you’re allowed to wear on the job. For instance, if you’re working in a dark environment or during the nighttime, you’ll need to wear a high-visibility vest. Tradie workwear or uniforms are a requirement for certain jobs. If you’re moving around a construction site under the hot sun or blistering cold, you’ll need certain clothes like hoodies or hats to keep yourself safe from harmful variants. Most modern workwear is made with strong & durable fabrics created specifically to combat the wear & tear of a trade person’s daily life. 

Creative Jobs 

Creative people love to live beyond boundaries. Well, that attitude goes with their attire too. They hate to wear boring clothes, so they opt for clothing that challenges tradition. While in certain jobs, creative personals don’t have the liberty to explore fashion-forward clothing, other jobs such as marketing, advertising, media, and more allow their employees to wear whatever they like (provided it is decent). Marketing or public relation executives, copywriters, actors, social media influencers, and others in the creative field are often known for their style and flair. If you are in a creative job, go all out and dress as you like. Women can wear colourful dresses with bespoke belts or bellbottom pants with oversize shirts (especially on a warm day) and men can wear t-shirts, colourful shirts, pants of their choice and sustainable shoes that go with the overall outfit. For accessories, try a permanent bracelet for a minimalist look.

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