Sun, Sea and Surf: My Guide To A Vacation In Barcelona

If you are are in the midst of planning a vacation, and youre wondering where to go, I have got one word for you, Barcelona. If you havent been, you have no idea the beautiful, cultural world that is just a plane ride away. But dont worry because in this post Im going to tell you exactly why Barcelona should be the destination of your next trip.


Book For Now Its Cheap, Book In Advance Its Cheap!

Okay, I know this isnt the most exciting reason to visit a place, but bare with me. Were at the end of summer, so that means if you are going to an exotic place like Barcelona its now dirt cheap. The reason for this is that all the kids are back in school, so the only people going on holiday are single adults. Ah, you see already Ive got your attention but theres more. If youre booking for next summer, were just under one year away from the prime season. That means that again prices are cheap right now. If you want to cut the price even more then heres an extra tip. Dont stay in a hotel room, rent an apartment with HouseTrip for a price thats fifty percent cheaper. Okay now that weve got the economics out of the way lets move on to what you really care about.


An Incredible Place To Tan

I know the main reason you want to go on holiday somewhere tropical. Its so you can come back to where the rain is pouring and show off your gorgeous golden tan. Well, my friend, there is no better place to do that than Barcelona. The city is situated on the gorgeous coast of the country. That means just outside the apartment you should already be booking, youll have miles and miles of sandy beaches. If you fancy a dip, the waters are the perfect temperature and right now, the beaches wont be overcrowded. Youll be able to tan without having to fight for a place on the sand.


A Delicious Place To Dine

You probably are aware that Spain is famous for culinary delicacies. But, what you might not know is that to truly experience it you have to be there. You need to sit in a Spanish restaurant, sharing food with a table of strangers as you engage in colourful conversation. The best meals are called Tapas, and you must try them at least once while you are there. As well as that you should get a taste of the different seafood menus that can be found in the heart of the city. I would imagine youll soon discover you never want to leave!


A Great Night Out

Of course, apart from gorging yourself on scrumptious foods your other holiday need is a good place to party. Am I right? Well, then youll be pleased to hear that Barcelona has one of the greatest night scenes I have ever experienced. Head to the districts near the beach and lose yourself in the bars and clubs that never close!

Did you make it to the end of this post of have you already clicked away to book your own holiday in Barcelona?


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