Holiday home design tips for a classic cabin feel

Nothing beats the cozy, warm feeling you get in a classic cabin. And if you are thinking of heading to the hills and revamping your holiday home to introduce some of that outdoorsy, rustic charm, here are some easy pointers to get you started.


Wood works

As a material, wood works so well in a cabin because of its innate flexibility. It can be stained any color you want, buffed to a glossy sheen or sanded to a dull patina. Walls lined with wood paneling lend a warmth and solidity to a cabin that just feels perfect. Whether it’s floor to ceiling tongue-and-groove pine or reclaimed oak boards that define the room, the power of wood to soothe a space is immense.

The acoustic qualities of timber soften harsh edges and absorb sound, increasing that sense of nesting and cocooning that we love in cozy, winter-land cabins. In keeping with the theme, you can shut out the world or let the sun shine in with gorgeous wooden shutters that fit neatly into more confined spaces.

Warm toned wooden floors glow in soft light and feel smooth under foot. For elegance and perfection, engineered wood flooring gives a cabin a certain sophistication. If you prefer a more rustic approach, reclaimed boards scarred and scratched from a previous life also fit in well.


Sweet stone

A touch of natural stone to contrast with the wood really reinforces a rustic, cabin feel. Grey or honey colored flagstones or a slate chimney breast would all juxtapose beautifully within a predominantly timber context. Equally, a stone hearth surrounding a central wood stove makes a stylish focal point.

Texture and touch

A cabin is somewhere we go to feel warm and cozy, so make sure you overload on the textiles. Soft woolen blankets, furs, throws and cushions in warm shades should adorn sofas and armchairs that swallow you up in them. Seek out fabrics with interesting textures that feel good as well as look stunning. Watch out for overdoing it on patterns; select one or two complimentary pieces, and then fill up on color layering. Living so close to nature, it’s important to choose floor rugs that are easy to shake out choose colors carefully for their practical benefits as well as their beauty.


The extras

Firelight flickering in the hearth will create a calm, warm ambiance that can be further enhanced with soft lighting from lamps and candlesticks. If there’s enough ceiling height, install a bold light fitting such as a rustic chandelier made from discarded antlers. A basket of logs by the fire to keep it fed, a full bookcase and a dresser stocked with board games are all good calls in a holiday cabin. Decorate the walls with watercolors of the area, and display found objects such as pretty feathers or pebbles.

Creating the old fashioned look of a classic cabin in a holiday home should be something that comes together gradually. Once you have the basics of the scheme in place, fill the interior with interesting pieces collected over time and put your personal stamp on it.

Everyone needs to escape from time to time, so decorating your holiday home in a rustic cabin style could be a popular move. Follow these design tips and you’ll welcome guests who never want to leave.


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