Three Basic Betting Systems In Roulette

You would do incredibly well to find another casino game with quite as much dynamism and excitement as Roulette, not even the slots can match it in terms of pure unadulterated exhilaration – there is just no arguing that! Not only does the Roulette wheel give a physicality that is often left desired in casinos, it can also turn into a highly communal game… Many friends have been made over a game of Roulette! Compared to lots of other casino gambling roulette games can seem fairly simple: you place your bets and watch the ball spin around the wheel, there is not much else to it than that, is there? Whilst this is correct to an extent, it is important to consider the importance of following betting strategies from time to time, as these can give you a much more structured attempt at conquering the game. Read on for three basic betting systems to consider whilst playing Roulette. 

Martingale System

The Martingale betting strategy is one of the most widely known tactics available to gamblers, with people using it over a range of disciplines and in casinos all around the world. It is really rather simple too, and this is probably one of the main reasons why it has become so popular over the years. In fact, the Martingale strategy (devised at some point by a man with the surname Martingale), is widely acknowledged to be the oldest betting system in the world. Must be good then, right? The strategy work on the very simple principle that the gambler doubles their bet amount after every loss, therefore theoretically coving the possibility of losing a lot money during a gambling session and not making any of it back. Now, in theory this works quite well, however it is very important not to get carried away whilst using the Martingale strategy, as it can have serious consequences. Chasing your losses is never a particularly clever idea, and this tactic basically encourages it, so just be careful. 

Anti-Martingale System

There are, naturally, quite a few people who object to the Martingale tactic, something that has resulted in the emergence of the Anti-Martingale. It is pretty much the complete opposite – instead of doubling your bet after every loss, you double it after every win. Simple!

Labouchere System

Whilst the Martingale is a deceptively simple betting system, the Labouchere method is pretty complicated, even for those of us who are Mathematically astute. In order to follow it you will need a pen and paper, so immediately you can tell this one isn’t for the fainthearted, although it can pay some serious dividends if done correctly.

What you will want to do is first write down a sequence of numbers, usually around 5 long. The first bet you make will be a sum of the first and last numbers in your chain, and if you win you will cross these off. However, if you lose you will add the total to the end of your sequence and then copy this for your second bet and so on.

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