How To Make Your Holiday Child Friendly In 10 Easy Steps

Planning a family holiday should be exciting and rewarding. These holidays will produce moments you call each look back on and reminisce about. The memories you make will be invaluable to your family, so the pressure is on to fill your holiday with fantastic days out and activities. If you have children of all ages, it can be difficult to know how to keep them all entertained and safe during your trip. So use this guide and ensure you have every base covered during your planning stage to make this the best family holiday ever.

Get your child involved in the plans

Getting your children excited about a holiday abroad or at home can be challenging. They may be too young to understand what a holiday is, so try to explain it to them as simple and clearly as possible. Get out a map and let them help you choose possible destinations your family could visit. It might also be a good idea to show them videos on YouTube of holiday destinations and attractions to spark their interest and imagination. You will be able to see what interests them and what doesnt, making it easier to plan accordingly. You can also ask them what they would like to do while you are away and offer suggestions for activities they can try out. If you already have a destination in mind, talk them through the sights and experience they are going to have or see. This will prepare them for what the location is going to be like, which will help reduce their stress when you arrive.



Consider your childs interests

As well as asking for their input in your plans, consider your childrens interests to help you choose a suitable destination. For instance, if they love swimming, then a seaside holiday at home or a hotel with a kids pool abroad could be ideal. Think carefully about how you can maximise their enjoyment. This can be difficult to achieve if your children all have different likes and hobbies. In this case, look for nearby attractions and amusement parks that you all can visit and enjoy during your holiday. You could take them to Blackpool pleasure beach for a fun-filled day of entertainment and rides such as the Wallace and Gromit Thrillomatic. They have something for everyone to experience and appreciate throughout the day. Or for a simpler option, you could go for a family bike ride and explore the local countryside and forests of the country you are visiting. You can stop off for a picnic and play some outdoor games together. Your family may be big sports fans, so bring the necessary equipment and play to your hearts content.


Keeping your children entertained

If you want to spend some time relaxing by the pool, knowing your kids are safe and having fun, a hotel with a kids club will be ideal. They can entertain them for a few hours while you get in some much-needed rest and time for yourself. Kids clubs and companies will get your children involved in making friends, playing games and performing in shows. Research hotels or holiday complexes that have a highly recommended clubs that your children can go to during your holiday. You may need to check the age restrictions to ensure they are a suitable age to join. There may not be much available for older children and tweens so consider taking them somewhere they will enjoy. Or keep them occupied with suitable sports or craft activities available at your hotel.

If your accommodation does not include a kids club, take plenty of board games, toys and colouring books with you. Also take their favourite DVDs and music along so they will have something to do should the weather take a turn for the worst or during a quiet night in. You could sort out a family movie or board game night where you enjoy spending time together having fun.




Compromise is key

There is guaranteed to be times when someone doesnt want to do something during your holiday. This can lead to tears, tantrums and arguments. But it doesnt have to be this way. During your first night sit everybody down and play how you intend to spend your time each day during your break. Write this down on a piece of paper and stick it up on the fridge. Everyone should request at least one thing they would like to do during the trip. It must be age appropriate and not too far away. Having a rough idea each day will help you all get prepared. Its likely that these plans may have to be altered due to bad weather for instance, but make every effort to fit it in another time. Keep a few days free so you can easily change the day of your activities if you need to. You all should be able to compromise occasionally to make sure everyone has the best time possible.


Plan your time

Visiting attractions and tourist hot-spots will always take longer when you have children with you. No matter what their age, its likely, you will spend longer walking around and stopping to rest, which can mean that you dont see as much as you would like. Before heading out, you need to set realistic time frames that also include breaks. Try to visit popular tourist sites during quieter days of the week. This will help you to avoid long queues and wait times, which could cause even more disruption to your time plan. Try to avoid packing too much into each day as it will wear your family out and result in you not enjoying the trip as much.

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