Best places to travel this year

Picking a place for your annual vacation is a big decision. Not only do you need to consider your budget, likes, and dislikes, but you need to pick a place that wont be overrun with other tourists (leading to massive crowds, long lines, and high prices.

Here are the best places to travel this year:


One of the best things ways to travel in this country? A luxury yacht charter or catamaran charter in Greece. These allow you to get off the beaten track and see parts of the country that other tourists will skip. Greece continues to be a destination where you get great value for money while seeing incredible history and eating delicious food



Theres a reason Thailand continues to be a must-visit destination year after year. Do yourself a favor though and skip places like Phuket and Pattaya. Check out the Big Mango (Bangkok), go diving in Koh Tao, and head up North to the mountains in Chiang Mai. Gorge on green curry and chicken and cashew nuts, hire a scooter and explore small villages and roadside stalls, and hit the night markets for a variety of local goods.


Mexico is having a moment. Mexico City is becoming a top destination for expats and digital nomads, while Cancun continues to be a top spot for Girls weekends and Hens and Stags trips. Playa del Carmen is a great place for backpackers, while those who love either all-inclusive resorts or scuba diving will enjoy Cozumel.


Poland is one of the most underrated countries in Europe. Visit Warsaw, which was turned to rubble in WWII, rebuilt, and now a thriving, bustling city. Check out Krakow, where youll find one of the best old cities around, with plenty of side streets and alleyways to explore. Dont forget to pay your respects at Auschwitz, just book a day trip from Krakow.


If youre thinking about visiting Australia youll need both more money and more time than some of the above destinations. Thats because Australia is a massive country, but the best way to see it is by campervan or hire car. Melbourne is a must if you love good coffee and shopping, while Sydney has many tourist attractions, including the Opera House and Byron Bay. If you have enough time, take the 3-hour flight and visit New Zealand as part of the trip.

Where will you be travelling this year? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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About Lanna World

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