Living in London: Why South West London is a Great Option

Theres plenty of reasons for wanting to live in London in general; this huge urban melting pot offers a wealth of opportunities for its residents. Almost every kind of industry, culture, arts, entertainment, and leisure activities are all situated locally here youre in mere walking, tube, bus or driving distance from a wealth of activities and things to do.

That being said, living in the heart of the nations capital can be expensive and you dont necessarily get as much for your money as youd like, comprising on a smaller property size, and high rents. This is why the South West is a fantastic option as it offers the winning combination of easy access to the city, good property sizes and at a fraction less of the price you would pay to rent in the city. Whether looking to relocate, visit or commute too, in this post, we will discuss some examples of what the South West London can offer for you.


Top Commuter Links

As indicated to above, theres excellent commuter links to enjoy with many direct bus routes and of course a number of tube stations across the London boroughs. The two main lines that run through the south west are the Piccadilly and District lines, which are ideal for getting to the centre for work. These commuter links cover all districts and areas of London.

Posh Nosh, Nights Out and Shopping

The South West is home to some of Londons best restaurants and nights out, courtesy of popular destinations in places like Richmond, Kensington, and the famous Kings road and nearby Chelsea, this is the home of posh living. Theres also lots of shopping areas to visit too from independent retail stores such as Brixton, Vauxhall and Clapham, to large chain supermarkets and outlets such as the famous department store Harrods and Harvey Nichols being not too far away.


Green Space

One huge selling point of this area is the fact you can enjoy some green space. Its fair to say that this isn’t that easy to find in London, aside from big areas like Hyde Park however these parks are often crowded and full of tourists. In the South West though, the quieter and the biggest enclosed space Richmond Park is all yours to enjoy. Plus theres also Wimbledon Common, which is great for jogging or landscaped walks. However, if you prefer to participate than observe, then the South West postcode alone has over 18 dedicated sports and leisure clubs as well as several many private health and fitness centres.


A Range of Properties

Last but certainly not least is the range of property options available to you. Everything from modern and trendy flats overlooking the Thames, to tall town houses and detached homes are all viable options for all types of home-makers. If you are looking to move to this area though its worth using the services of an established and expert estate agent that knows the south west area, like Featherstone Leigh. These agents can use their local knowledge to help find the right home for your needs and requirements.

So, be sure to take on board some of the above points and consider the South West to enjoy what London has to offer.

Images courtesy of Shutterstock and Featherstone Leigh

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