Why You Should Think About Going Back to School

If youve been out of school for some time (either high school or university), you may be sick of the current job market, finally feeling ready for a higher education, or thinking about changing careers.

Here are some great reasons why you should think about going back to school:


You feel confident that this is the right time in your life

Different stages of life have different emotional and physical demands. If you have the time youll need to attend class, read, study and still do everything else you need to do (whether this is working on the side or raising a family) then this could be a great time to go back to school. Its also important to consider whether you feel like you can manage stress and will still have enough time to focus on other parts of your life.

Youve found the right program

If youve found the right program and feel legitimately excited about getting started, further education could be for you. There are many executive programs and degrees available in a plethora of different fields, so if youve done your research and youre confident that youve found the best program, it may be time to sign up.


You have all the support you need

Committing yourself to further education is a big step. And its crucial that you have the support youll need throughout the process, whether its your parents, friends or significant other.

You want to change careers

Expecting to know what we want to do with our lives in our late teen or early twenties is simply unrealistic. It would be great if it worked out for all of us first time, but a lot of people come to realise that theyve made a big mistake. If you dont want to be working in your current field anymore and youve discovered your passion, going back to school can help you make your dreams happen and lead to a fulfilling career.


You just want to study

It may seem silly, but many people return to school simply to study fields that interest them. Even if you love your current career or own a small business, theres nothing wrong with picking up papers or courses based on your interests. You may find that you discover a new passion or learn a new skill like photography, short story writing or a language.

You want to earn more money

Theres nothing embarrassing about simply studying because youd like to earn more. People with further education simply have higher earning potential than those who only graduated high school, and also face a lower risk of unemployment than their less educated peers.


You want more opportunities

Furthering your education opens doors to careers that you have a better chance of enjoying. Those with only high school education are usual limited to more general, service or non-technical jobs with lower pay, slower advancement and lower job satisfaction and enjoyment.

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