How to Stay Active While Traveling in Thailand

Thailand is the perfect place if you pride yourself on your fitness and like to stay active while traveling.

Few people would call Thailand off the beaten path, however most people simply stick to a few well-known destinations and dont bother to see the rest of what Thailand has to offer. Here are some activities you can do in Thailand:



In Thailand youll find some of the best trekking opportunities in the world, and may even stumble across some wild elephants. Head up to northern Thailand, and stop by Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, and Pai. All of these towns offer plenty of places where you can get out of the towns and see the real Thailand. Expect to find gorgeous waterfalls, lush rainforest and interesting wildlife.

Scuba diving and Snorkelling

Thailand has some of the best scuba diving and snorkelling in the world. Make your way down to the islands, and if youre not already certified, this is one of the cheapest places to get it done. Koh Tao is a good place to learn to dive, and youll find plenty of other travellers who are doing the same, along with those who came to learn and are now instructors. If youre lucky you may even end up swimming with whale sharks.

For those who dont like the idea of scuba diving, snorkelling is also excellent in Koh Tao, along with Ko Phi Phi (where they filmed the movie The Beach).


Rock Climbing

Whether youre an experienced climber or simply want to learn, Railey is a must. With the rocky cliffs made of limestone, this tiny peninsula can only be accessed by boat, making it a good place for you to get away from other tourists, work on your tan, and build up those arm muscles.

The Great Outdoors

As soon as you get away from the likes of Phuket, Bangkok, and Patong, youll find lush jungle, mountains, beaches, and waterfalls. Hua Hin is not well-known, but if you want to see an 11-tier waterfall and explore some of the many national parks, be sure to take some time to visit this place.


Online Sports Betting

If youre missing sport from home, why not jump online and do some betting? Sometimes we just want to keep up to date on the football, racing, or cricket, so if youre feeling homesick when it comes to sport, head to Whether youre experienced at betting, or simply have some time on your hands after a long day of exploring, this is a great site for live streaming, tips, promotions, and news as well.

Along with the well-known activities such as scuba diving and trekking, youll also find different things to do such as horseback riding, kayaking, and dirt biking. If youre staying in a hostel or hotel youll find that the front desk will have many different ideas for fun activities, and will often be able to book them for you as well.

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