Tips for Buying Flowers for your Special Someone

Flowers are a great gift for almost any occasion. Whether your sister is having a baby, your friend just got engaged, your significant other has a birthday, its Mothers Day, or someone you know is going through a tough time, flowers can say a wide variety of things, depending on the type you choose and the occasion theyre for.

Lets also not forget that you can also just buy flowers for yourself because you want to brighten a space or lift your mood, and thats perfectly fine too!

Here are some tips for buying and looking after flowers:


Use those little packets

You know those little packets that florists give you to help your flowers stay pretty for longer? You should use them. Many florists will give you a couple more if you ask for them, and theyre excellent at keeping your flowers fresh and healthy.

Keep them somewhere smart

Once you have your flowers home, it can be tempting to place them in a window so they can look pretty as the sun streams in on them. Unfortunately though, the heat from this direct sunlight will kill them within a day or two. Its also a good idea to keep them away from any fruit since it emits ethylene gas which will cause them to die far more quickly as well. Even a fruit bowl placed next to your flowers can be a bad move, so place them somewhere out of the sun on a table or bench by themselves.

Ditch the Scissors

Many people like to cut their flowers with scissors, however this can crush their stems. Instead, take a sharp knife (non-serrated) and cut around a quarter of an inch off the bottom (make sure you cut an angle). Also cut off any leaves that would fall below the water line as theyll breed bacteria.


Water Water Water

It can be easy to forget to water your new flowers, but you need to keep this water fresh and clean. That means actually removing all of the water from the vase, washing it out (with soap), giving it a good clean, and refilling it will fresh water and your flower food(not too cold!)

Talk to your florist

Have you got absolutely no idea what type of flower you should get for that special person in your life? Or youre throwing a dinner party or planning your wedding and dont know the first thing about flowers or what will look good with the rest of your decorations? Florists are the experts in the flower world, and they love educating their customers and helping them choose the perfect mix of flowers.

Its Never too Late

Think you’ve left it too late to get flowers for that special occasion? Order flowers online with Flowers for Everyone and you’ll be able to make the day of your loved one, all without leaving the couch.

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