The Most Popular Love Songs of All Time

There are lot of songs that you can get to jam to while playing your online casino slot games through sites like But, not all of them will make you think about that one special person.  A lot of the songs from back in the day were all about a person a showcasing their love towards someone or something. Therefore, there are plenty of love songs that you can get to tune into from back in the day.

Stand By Me

There are a lot of love songs that have been made from the beat of this song. This song seems timeless and has been played in a large variety of movies as well. The song was performed by Ben E. King but he wrote it with the help of Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.  The song managed to top the US Charts upon its release. But, it went on to top them again 25 years later after movie was made with the same movie title.

At Last

Etta James is one of the most celebrated female musicians of her time. This explains why Beyoncé felt honoured and under a lot of pressure when she had to play the icon in the movie Cadillac Records. The song is quite popular when it comes to a lot of music talent show and no one has seemed to be able to surpass the Etta James version. The song also got to be played on Barack Obama’s inauguration back in 2009.

I Say A Little Prayer

She is usually referred to as the Queen of Soul and many real money casinos featured her cool music in the past. But, Soul was not her only speciality, the singer can also be found in Pop, R’n’B, gospel, dance and even rock music. She is what we would call a multi talent in the music industry. Her death shook the music industry and her song I Say A Little Pray has either been performed or mentioned in a lot of Hollywood movies as one of the best songs ever made.

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