Harley Suspension 101

No matter which Harley model you ride, there’s a lot of history in its suspension system. That’s because the suspension components have evolved over time with technological advances, engineering breakthroughs and the material innovations. Even so, different riders prefer different setups, and each come with pros and cons. If you are looking to upgrade your machine’s suspension system, finding the best motorcycle parts and accessories is a must. This is the surest way to keep the rubber on the road and your grip on the handlebars.


The Main Suspension Systems on Your Harley

Classic Harley bikes have either one of three suspension systems. Each one can be upgraded with Harley Davidson mods that tweak, improve and alter how your bike handles. Each system has a set of common characteristics:

  • Springers require a bit of tinkering, provide a classic look to older bikes and have no fluid to leak. They tend to have comfortable rides but performance is diminished on corners.
  • Rigids handle well and retain the appearance of vintage machines. They boast impressive durability because they have no moving parts, but the ride can be jarring on rough roads.
  • Hydraulic Suspension bikes are the most modern and now are built into the front and rear. They are adjustable, provide comfort, but can be high maintenance.

You can change your ride’s suspension in ways large and small. The right changes will either improve the way your bike handles or create a desirable look.

The Best Tires

As you adjust the suspension system on your bike, it makes sense to consider new tires. A large selection of motorcycle tires for sale ensures you find the best treads to work smoothly with your modified frame, springs and shock absorbers. Harmony is achievable when all of your parts work together.

Shop online to find the best motorcycle parts and accessories. You’ll experience the difference on your next ride.

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