3 Tips for Getting Great Exam Results

Exams are probably the most stressful time of year whether you’re a college student or just studying at secondary school. There’s a lot of pressure to get good grades in order to keep your options open for the following years and eventually to help you nail a job you love. Technology has come a long way in recent years and it’s simply smart to incorporate it into your study routine in order to help you achieve great results without stressing yourself out too much. Here are my top 3 tips for getting great exam results:

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1. Use a Learning App
There’s so many options out there if you’re looking for an educational app, including a great free tutoring app. Check out the top Android learning app to get inspired for your next exam study program. If you’re like me and find it easier to learn when you’re watching a video, then consider downloading the best Apple video learning app. Whatever your style of learning, there’s an app that’s going to help you learn as much as possible and it may be free or just a few dollars from the app store.

2. Get a Study Buddy
I find accountability makes all difference whether you’re heading to the gym or trying to resist going out and being social over studying for your exams. It’s easy enough to talk yourself out of studying especially if you’re tired or run-down, but having a study buddy makes it a little harder. They may call or text you to ask where you are when you don’t show up for your arrange study group, or they may ask “why?” when you text to say you can’t make it today. I personally hate letting people down so this social accountability helps me keep myself in check and ensure I get in enough study hours before my exams.
But it goes beyond the social accountability: A study buddy helps you have someone else to talk about things you’re confused about, to double check answers, and to borrow notes from if you lose yours or miss a day. There are so many benefits to having a study buddy, so the sooner you find one the better!

3. Make Coherent Notes
I understand that notes should be summaries, especially as you won’t have enough time to copy the lecturer word by word. Chances are you’re going to make some notes, look at them later that day or even later in the week and wonder what you wrote about and what it means! Spending a little more time making coherent notes will make your study time so much easier. If you find it hard to take good notes, consider using your phone or a voice recorder in order to record lectures so you can go back and check if you get confused by your notes.
College is a great time, but there’s often a lot of stress associated with exam time. Use these three easy tips to ensure you’re as prepared as possible for your exams and get the best results you can!

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