3 Wonderful Destinations You Need to Visit in Europe

Traveling to Europe is on almost everyone’s’ bucket list, there’s so much to do and see in a relatively confined area, making it easy to get around and you can easily cover a few countries on one trip. Because there are so many destinations you may find it a little hard to choose exactly where to go, but I’ve traveled Europe on numerous trips and found a few places that I personally think will make any trip to Europe absolutely incredible. Add a few to your Europe itinerary and I’m sure you will soon discover why these places are some of my favorite in the world. Whether you’re hunting for beautiful castles, to soak up some sun on some of the world’s best beaches or even just sample some of the best food, Europe really does have it all. People also think that Europe is one of the most expensive destinations to travel to in the world and while that can be true for many locations, there are a handful of amazing value destinations that have a lot to offer all travelers. Here are my top 3 places to visit in Europe:


1. Portugal

There’s so much more to Portugal than just the beautiful beaches that are world known. Lisbon itself is one of the most charming cities in Europe, with a beautiful castle perched on the top of the hill looking out to the ocean. As Lisbon has a number of steep streets, one of the best ways to get around is on the local trams, which allow you to comfortably view many of the gorgeous streets of Lisbon for a very affordable price. Just outside of Lisbon is Sintra, which is a wonderful day trip: here you can explore castle grounds, a beautiful little town and get to see a little of small-town life in Portugal. The Portuguese are very serious about bakeries and you would be a fool to miss out on trying the lovely egg tarts which are famous throughout Portugal. If you’re craving a bit of beach action, you can easily take a train from Porto to Lisbonwhich means you don’t have to choose to visit only one place in Portugal.

2. The Czech Republic

One of the few places in the world where beer is usually cheaper than water, the Czechs drink the most beer and they love it! But beyond their love for beer, the Czech Republic is scattered with numerous beautiful castles. One of the best to visit is the Castle in Prague which is home to a wonderful museum where you should take an audio tour to learn about the Czech royal family’s impact and influence in Europe in the years long gone. Charles Bridge is one of the most popular destinations in all of Prague to visit and for good reason: it’s truly beautiful. I suggest getting up as early as you can to head here before the crowds. There’s so much more to the Czech Republic than just Prague, head to Telč to enjoy a cute little town that looks like it could be right out of a movie. The houses look as cute as gingerbread houses and it’s a perfect place for a day trip to break up your travels. If you’re interested in small towns that have a cool vibe, Olomouc is a university town in the Czech Republic that’s super photogenic and has a much more laid-back vibe than Prague. There’s a beautiful castle, tones of microbreweries to explore and even a famous cheese that’s particularly smelly, called Olomouck sr.

3. Spain

There are so many great places to visit in Spain, it’s almost deserving of its own trip just to explore this fun and diverse country. The north of Spain has such a different vibe to the south and my favorite northern town is hands down San Sebastian. While it’s a small town, it has everything you could need or want from a town: close proximity to the beach, a beautiful walk with a lookout point, gorgeous boutique stores and some of the best food in all of Spain. If you want a big city vibe with some incredible shopping, then Madrid is going to a place you have to visit. In the south, you will find Granada which is one of the coolest towns in all of Europe. You can visit the beautiful Alhambra, eat your way around the town with free tapas in many of the bars, and also explore the old Jewish quarter. Most people’s favorite place in all of Spain tends to be Barcelona, due in part to the quirky architecture scattered around the town. Head to Park Gell near sunset to hear buskers playing music, to get amazing views out over Barcelona and to see more of Guadis work.

No matter which of these three countries you choose, Im sure youll fall in love.

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