Things To Do Between Now and Summer

Spring is a wonderful season. Its a time for change and growth. It also feels like a time for preparation. We start to clear the garden in readiness for summer, and we spring clean our homes. Winter clothes are packed away, and we unpack our summer wardrobes. But were not quite there yet. The weather is unpredictable, and there are still a few months before summer arrives. What do we do in the interim?


Take a Break

Spring is the ideal time to take a holiday. Its been a good few months since Christmas, and it seems like a lifetime since we saw some decent sun. Doctors extol the benefits of sunshine breaks at this time of year. They provide a good dose of Vitamin D and chase away the winter blues.

Look for destinations that are warm and sunny. Check out Lanzarote holidays where the weather is warm all year round. The temperature rarely falls below 16 degrees, even in the winter. Read our guide to planning your stress-free holiday.

Spring Clean

When the sun starts streaming through the window and lighting up the dust motes, its time to clean. Cleaning the house in spring feels therapeutic. Its the act of leaving behind the dark winter months and emerging into the light. We can see this mirrored in nature with animals and birds preparing their nests and dens.

As you clean your home, take down winter curtains and bedding. Replace them with lighter, more airy home textiles to reflect the season. Open up all the windows to let the spring air fill the house.


We accumulate so much stuff over the years that it builds up within our homes. There’s less space to move around, and its difficult to locate what were looking for. A cluttered house sometimes equals a cluttered mind. The act of decluttering, therefore, benefits our home and our brain.

Include your wardrobe as you streamline your home. Put away your winter clothing to make way for summer outfits in a self storage unit. If there are clothes you’re no longer wearing, pass them onto your local charity shop.

Set New Habits

Now that winter is (almost) behind us set new intentions and goals for the coming months. Goals will be personal to you but could include creating a rota for cleaning, eating a healthier diet or setting up an exercise plan. There is power in intention. Many people believe that intention is the first step to achieving our desires.


Plan New Meals

As the temperatures slowly increase, its time to put away the hearty stews and casseroles. Look at seasonal produce and take out your recipe books. Jot down any recipes that appeal to you. Focus on health, variety and taste. Start a recipe book or create recipe cards.

Plan a Summer Vacation

Its always good to plan ahead and have something to look forward to. Organizing your next vacation is an enjoyable task. Gather magazines, brochures and guide books. Look online and make notes. Are there any places you have always wanted to visit?

Summer will be here in no time. Use the interim months wisely to plan ahead, take stock and prepare your home. Make sure you’re ready to embrace summer with open arms.

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