Top places to see in Thailand

Thailand is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after and popular destinations in the world, and whether you’re backpacking your way around this mysterious and beautiful land, or you’re visiting as part of a holiday package to one particular part of the country, it’s certainly worthwhile exploring your area a little, to uncover a few hidden gems.

Thailand is diverse, stunning, and cultural, and because of that you will find something to see on every corner. Some parts of the country aren’t that well known, perhaps the northern part, but that just makes it all the more interesting in terms of being undiscovered and untouched. The Thai islands are obviously holiday central, with parties and beach fun to be had, but where you go is a totally personal decision.

Despite that, these are a few parts of Thailand you should be visiting.



Pai has had a bit of a tourist boom of late, and because of its close proximity to Chiang Mai (more on that later), it is a great place to visit and base yourself, before exploring further into the misty mountains of the northern portion of the country. Part of the Mae Hong Son Loop, there is so much to explore in this part of the country, with stunning natural scenery like nowhere else on earth. The mountains tower imposingly into the sky, with lush, green land at every turn. The vibe is laid-back, particularly popular with backpackers, and quite cheap too.

Khao Sok National Park

If you want to see true nature at its best then Khao Sok National Park is for you. Jungles, forests, rivers, lakes, you’ll find them all, and this stunning reserve is also home to some very diverse wildlife, including elephants and monkeys. Situated in the Surat Thani province, an adventure holiday in nature is totally possible here.


Chiang Mai

We briefly touched on Chiang Mai when we were talking about Pai, but this is a backpacker and digital nomad’s dream. Cheap as chips to live here, but an ideal base to head out and explore northern Thailand further, Chiang Mai is a growing city which has kept much of authentic Thailand, whilst being easily accessible for those from the western world.


You can’t visit Thailand not head to the capital! This neon-lit, high rise metropolis is bustling, booming, and busy, but it is such a unique blend of old and new that it has something special to offer aside from being ‘just another city’. You’ll find temples and palaces sat next to business skyscrapers, with fantastic nightlife too.


Koh Samui

The islands are where most holidaymakers head, as well as backpackers wanting a Full Moon Party experience. Laid-back, idyllic, paradise, and downright beautiful – these are just a few ways to describe the Thai islands, and Koh Samui is perhaps one of the most popular. The perfect blend of holiday fun, with a spot of culture, and relaxation throw in for good measure.

If you’re heading to Thailand, be sure to check out these suggestions on your travels.


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