Easy Ways on How to Break Your Holiday Sleep Cycle


There is no doubt that holidays can change and throw out the entire family’s sleeping pattern. But at the same time a few crafty tricks will reset your body clock for a sounder sleep. The good thing is that a sounder sleep can propel you to be efficient and be able to play best online pokies games for real money.

The good news is here. With the aid of some simple tricks, you will not only ease your body clock back to its normal sleeping routine but you can also sleep better as well. Let’s walk you some of the easy ways that will break your holiday sleep cycle.

Have the right bedtime snack

Scientist discovered that a glass of milk along with Brazil nuts can help to improve your sleep. The Brazil nuts massively contribute to a better and amazing sleep. Having a better sleep can enable you start your day on a high. And a good day start by playing best online pokies at www.francaisonlinecasinos.net for real money and win.

Adding to that you can also consider having cheese and butter for you to have a beautiful sleep. Salty foods are also an alternative when you want to have a peaceful sleep.


Don’t hit snooze

You might be desperately in need of some extra minutes during your first week at work after the holiday. Hitting a snooze button is one of the worst thing you should avoid.

If you snooze, you lose and you are bound to go back into a deep sleep. And you will miss your deadlines at work or meetings with your bosses. Worst of all, being late for work is one of the most horrible attitude whatsoever.

All you can simply do is to set your alarm the time you want to get up. And the moment that alarm goes on let your mind know that its morning, open your curtain and get ready to start your day on a high note.

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