Thinking about travelling to Indonesia? You should visit Malang

For those who like colonial-style buildings, a fresh climate and boulevards full of trees, Malang makes the perfect destination. While there are many places in Indonesia where you can find a faster pace of life, Malang is for those who dont take themselves too seriously and like to relax.

Malang is a city with a lot of culture. Home to fewer than 1 million people, its also a student city, with students from some of the biggest and best universities in Indonesia living and studying here. Originally settled in the 18th century by the Dutch, those who like coffee will be pleased to learn that its one of the main ways that the city was able to support itself, and there are still plantations in the hillside around Malang today.


Malang makes the perfect base for people who want to travel throughout Indonesia, and its a great place to rest and recharge your batteries while also having a cultural experience. Be sure to visit the Singosari temples, which are located throughout the area and some even date back to the fourteenth century.

Those who love markets will also be pleased when they visit the alun-alun- a busy and bustling market thats popular with both visitors and locals alike. Whether youre looking for food, souvenirs, clothes, or more, these types of places are the perfect way to see how locals live and shop and buy a few things you cant get at home.

There are plenty of accommodation options in Malang, whether youre on a tight budget or feeling ready to splurge. For some of the best hotels around, check out traveloka hotel deals and look into hotel santika malang which is an excellent hotel whether youre travelling with friends, family, or your significant other.

There are also many different restaurants, shops and activities in Malang, which will keep you occupied regardless of how long you stay. While the street food is excellent, there are also many options for fast food or Western style of food. The dutch influence has led to many different bakeries serving great pastries, and Malang seems to constantly have a new restaurant or bakery popping up every few months.


For those who like to people watch, the park is a good place to spend some time. Wander down, pick out a nice spot and read a book or spend some time practising a few words of the language with the locals and learn a little about their way of life. The Jami mosque is also a good photo opportunity, and simply wandering around with your camera for an afternoon is a great way to get some good shots of the people and buildings in Malang.

While many people think about travelling in Indonesia and only consider places like Bali or Jakarta, Malang is an easy stop if youre staying in Surabaya or Yogyakarta and a great option for a few days or longer.

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