Planning a holiday in Canada? Things to expect if you’re planning to rent a car

If you’re planning a holiday in Canada, you’ve probably already heard about the incredible scenery that you’ll be enjoying while you’re there. For this reason, a road trip is one of the best ways to see this beautiful country- which means it’s a good idea to rent a car for your holiday.  

This can be an excellent option, since you’ll have the freedom to see and do whatever you like- without waiting for a tour group or public transport. If you like the sound of renting a car in Canada, here are some things to expect:


Discounts for long term hiring

Many car rental companies will actually provide a cheaper per-day rate as you increase the amount of time you’ll have the car. So if you’re not sure how long you’ll need it, play around with some dates. If you’re savvy, you may find that it works out to be a much better deal if you keep the car for longer.

Options for insurance

At home, the car insurance connected to your credit card company may be enough that you don’t actually need to purchase any more insurance. However, you should definitely check your policy before you get to Canada. Canadian car hire companies will have a number of different insurance options depending on both your budget and insurance needs.



The freedom of the open road

You’ve probably taken a group tour before, and if you’re like most people, you probably got impatient at least once. Someone is always holding the group up, you’re surrounded by strangers, and you have no freedom to go off and explore solo.

When you hire a car, you’ll have a completely different experience while travelling in Canada.

From the moment you pick up your car, you can go and see whatever you want. That means that when you’re driving along an incredibly scenic route, you can stop for lunch, take a few photos, and you don’t need to worry about holding everyone else up- or missing a bus.

Local suggestions

Hiring a car is a great option because you’ll often run into both locals and other travellers who will give you suggestions about amazing sights in the area. When you have a car, you can easily build these into your itinerary. Plus, if you arrive somewhere that you’re just ‘not feeling,’ you can move onto somewhere new.

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