9 Reasons You Should Hit Up Blackpool In 2016

The thought of going to Blackpool may not fill you with excitement like a trip to Greece or Spain. But, regardless of its reputation, the seaside resort in the North West of England still has a lot to offer its guests. In fact, the area is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the whole of Britain. So, how can a small fish like Blackpool compete with the giants of the tourist trade in the UK? The answer is that the town has an amazing array of attractions to offer anyone who decides to visit.

If you are unsure about holidaying in Blackpool, you should take a look at the list below. These are the reasons you may want to reconsider. Who knows, it may end up being a trip of a lifetime!



  1. Its Cheap

Unlike most popular tourist destinations, Blackpool doesnt charge a premium to enjoy all she has to offer. Actually, it is one of the cheapest tourist resorts in the United Kingdom. The key is that it is situated in the north of the country, where the costs tend not to be as high as down south. The town still has everything you would want from a holiday, from entertainment to accommodation, but you get it at half the price. Even when the season is at its peak the prices dont get out of hand, which is fair.

  1. The Attractions

As soon as you mention Blackpool, someone will respond with the Tower or the promenade or the zoo. The point is that Blackpool has some amazing attractions that are well worth seeing. Even if have seen a zoo or a promenade before, you cant say the same for the tower. In truth, it is a poor relation to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Still, it is well worth a look because it is a feat of engineering. If you cant admire the architecture, you can take the lift to the top and admire the view. The tower looks out for miles across the Lancashire landscape.

  1. The Illuminations

One attraction that is worth mentioning on its own is the illuminations. The illuminations, or the lights, are well-known characters that light up and stretch along the coastline. Some of the favourites include Mickey Mouse and his gang, which makes them great for kids. Plus, they put on a special performance at Christmas that is well worth seeing. All the family will love driving down the road looking at them.


  1. The Entertainment

The above may not sound like your thing, which is not a problem. The town still has a lot to offer those that are not into illuminations or architecture. In fact, the town is built on its entertainment as that is why most people flock to the area. For starters, there is a host of video arcades and casinos where you can have fun or gamble. Then there are the cabaret shows that are like no others on the planet. Or, there are the singers that travel the circuit and sing in pubs, clubs and hotels. Whether you are a young family or a group looking to have fun, there is something for everyone.

  1. The Pleasure Beach

The Pleasure Beach needs a special mention because it is the only one of its kind for miles. England doesnt have too many theme parks, and most of them are in the midlands or the south. Thankfully, the Pleasure Beach breaks up the monopoly so that the good people up north can enjoy a day on the roller coasters. The Beach has plenty of rides and thrills to suit all ages, so it is great for all the family. Plus, is in tip top shape as it was recently refurbished. You will need to buy a pass beforehand, but it is well worth it for the entertainment.



  1. The Grub

If all the excitement makes you feel hungry, there is a range of places to sit down and eat. The best places to eat in Blackpool are subject to change depending on your tastes, but lets give it a try! The White Tower restaurant is one of the most notorious establishments in the area and perfect for the tourists that want formal food. Otherwise, you can head to the many fish and chip shops to try the local catch. Harry Ramsdens is a famous chip shop chain that plies its trade all over the UK and can be found in Blackpool. If that isnt enough, there is plenty of food stalls that sell candy floss, donuts and Blackpool rock. Rock is a local favourite and something you have to try.

  1. The Beach

In the past, the beach has taken a lot of stick with regards to its cleanliness. However, those days are long behind it as the beach is now as clean as a whistle. You may not get the golden sandy beaches or the crystal blue waters you can find elsewhere, but it is still a beach. It does have high tides that are perfect for exploring the beach and finding critters of all shapes and sizes. And, there is always the obligatory donkey ride on the sand just in case you cant be bothered walking!



  1. The Weather

Okay, the weather is not always great. Indeed, you may want to stay away from the waters edge during the winter as the conditions are perilous. However, the weather during the summer is a lot better. And, thanks to its location, it never gets too hot or uncomfortable. Blackpool has the perfect weather conditions during the summer that make it great for walking the beach eating ice-cream.

  1. Transport Links

Dont worry about getting around as the transport links are fantastic. The town is not huge anyway, but you still dont have to walk far thanks to the tram. If the tram doesnt go where you need, there is always a bus on hand.

For everyone looking for a place to visit in 2016, why not put Blackpool on the list?


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