Five activities to enjoy in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of those countries which many people class as ‘off the beaten track’, and whilst that’s very true to a great extent, this also means it is unspoilt and certainly worth capturing on camera and in the memory bank for years to come.

Because it is so undiscovered in many ways, the natural world around the country is jaw-dropping. There are countless outdoor activities to enjoy, as well as city-life suggestions too, with plenty of adrenaline sports in terms of stamina and endurance to throw into the mix.

If you’re lucky enough to be heading to Vietnam, check out these five activities to fill your time.


Cruise the Mekong Delta

Vietnam is certainly opening up to tourism, and this means many adventure holiday companies are offering tours and excursions to help visitors enjoy and explore much of the natural and cultural wonders the country has to offer. A boat ride down the Mekong Delta will show you the slow, traditional way of life Vietnam is famed for, with riverside markets, Buddhist pagodas, fruit orchards, coconut trees, rice paddies, and villages.

Trek through a nature reserve

Trekking is a pretty common activity in Vietnam, typically because the landscapes are so dramatic that they beg to be explored. Phu Luong is one of the best reserves in the whole of Vietnam, situated in the Thanh Hoa Province. Remember to check out your general health before embarking on any trek of this magnitude, but you will come into close contact with weird and wonderful wildlife, as well as stunningly beautiful views.


Explore the Cu Chi Tunnels

Situated in Ho Chi Minh City you will find the Cu Chi Tunnels, used during the Vietnam War. Within the area you will find a war memorial, and you can learn more about the struggles and violence which took place, as well as exploring the tunnels themselves, which run underneath the city, and are linked to a much larger network which actually runs below much of the country.

Enjoy a spot of windsurfing or snorkelling

This part of the world is obviously famed for being natural and unspoilt, however because of that you will find extremely windy conditions on much of the coastline. Windsurfing is very popular at Mui Ne, as well as kitesurfing which is now becoming increasingly popular too. Head to Phu Quoc Island for your snorkelling and scuba diving needs.


Take part in mountain biking expedition

Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City is a biking expedition and a half, taking around 2-3 weeks in duration. This runs along some seriously dramatic mountain landscapes, through the Western Truong Son Mountain Chain, however if this sounds like it’s too hard-going for you, then you’ll find many other biking trips which are slightly easier too!

The fact that Vietnam is opening up to tourism nowadays is great news for those wanting to experience somewhere cultural, historic, iconic, and downright beautiful. There is much to see and experience in this stunning country, and these five suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg.

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