Refresh your loungeroom with these easy tips.


Is your loungeroom looking a little tired? Perhaps you jumped on a trend that hasn’t aged well and now you want a change. Updating and refreshing your loungeroom can really breathe life into a room you use every day. For the DIY enthusiast, there is almost unlimited opportunity to put your personal touch into your lounge room. For those who don’t know a screw from a spanner, updating your loungeroom can still be easy, enjoyable and best of all friendly on the wallet.

Find the perfect lounge.

There are so many fantastic Lounges for sale, it can be a hard task to pick your favourite one. Finding the perfect fit for your space is vital as this piece of furniture will dictate how the rest of the space will look and function. When shopping for a lounge, consider its footprint and the corridors of movement that it will create when placed in your room. A 4-seater lounge with a chaise is going to restrict movement more than a 3 seater, do you need seating for 4?

If you are worried about future-proofing your loungerooms style, leather is a classic choice. Fabric lounges can be very trendy and cost-effective but be careful of patterns, as they can very easily fall out of style. Solid colours paired with patterned cushions is a safer bet. As I will mention later, refreshing your accents is a cheap and easy way to update your loungerooms colour pallet and feel. Sometimes though, you just need a new lounge.


Mix old and new.

Adding a vintage piece to your loungeroom can bring a sense of warmth and permanence. Repurposing an old piece of furniture is environmentally friendly and gives your space a texture that is hard to recreate. An old steamer trunk could make an excellent ‘vintage’ coffee table. Visit your local antique store or to get inspired.

Refresh your accents.

Your saggy old brown leather lounge might get away with being dated because it’s covered in pillows and blankets. Items like lampshades, throw pillows, rugs etc are much cheaper and simpler to swap out than say, a 4 seater lounge. Updating your lounge rooms accents is a cheap and effective way of transforming the space. Think of accents as jewels in your room, changing them can instantly change the mood.

For the DIYer, there are many opportunities here to get creative. A favourite trick of mine is to collect op-shop picture frames, paint them all in the desired colour and swap out my existing picture frames for these newly refreshed pieces. This is a fun and super cheap project that can be done in an afternoon with not much cash.


With a dizzying array of coffee tables and lounges for sale, it is easy to get caught up in rampant consumerism. Sure, you can achieve your dream loungeroom by updating all your furniture pieces but believe me, this gets expensive fast. Sometimes you need to open your heart to mother nature.

What the heck am I talking about? Adding some plants to your room can have extraordinary benefits. Not only do plants look great but certain plants have been shown to remove harmful vapours from the air.

With a bit of creativity, anyone can refresh their drab loungeroom. The first instinct may be to race out and find lounges for sale, but this may not be needed. Repurposing old and vintage items is a great skill to develop and can save you money as well as the environment. Detail pieces like rugs, artwork and nick-nacks have a huge effect on the aesthetics of your space, some careful curation can quickly and cheaply breathe life into your beloved loungeroom

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