3 Tips for a Staycation in London

With everything going on right now, travel is set to be different for quite some time. That’s why it’s important to get flexible with how we spend our holidays and what are expectations are. While international trips are mostly on pause right now, it’s the perfect time to explore our own country, making the most of the lack of tourism and the special discounts. If you’re from the UK, then having a “staycation” in London could be the perfect way to beat your travel blues. Here are my top 3 tips for a staycation in London.

1. Act Like You’re On Holiday
What do you do when you’re on holiday? Cocktails by the pool at sunset? Maybe you fancy yourself a bit of an escape room artist and always do one every where you go. Perhaps you fill your days from sunrise to sunset with activities, making sure that you get as many interesting things done as possible. When we’re at “home” we tend to fall into the same routine, doing the same things with the same people, and holidays tend to force us to make the most of our time because we don’t know when we’ll be back. So the most important “tip” for a staycation, is to really buy into the holiday idea. Get a little boozy, spend a little money, and really enjoy all the things London has to offer.

2. Find a Nice Hotel
Even if you live in London, if you want to get into the staycation mood, the fastest way to do that is to stay in a nice hotel. There’s something special about having your bed made for you, your room tidied each day, and the amazing locations that hotels tend to have. If you’re used to having to commute each day, you’ll love rolling out of bed and finding yourself in the middle of a trendy suburb. Many hotels are having offers right now to get traffic in the door after tourism shut down, so it can be a great way to help a local business too. I suggest finding a more boutique style hotel, especially one that has a cocktail hour or high tea on offer.

3. Do Something Different
When we live somewhere, we often take it for granted and simply don’t see it with the same wonder that we see places we know we are just visiting for a short time. Forcing yourself to do something different – visiting a museum you’ve never been to, venturing to a park you’ve never heard of, or even trying a new bar in a new neighbourhood, is a great way to see a new site of a city. Likewise, Model escorts London can make sure you have a fun staycation in London.

Travel has changed, at least for the short term, so hopefully these tips help you have a wonderful London staycation.

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