Should you use an Online Estate Agent?

The internet is a marvelous thing, and theres no doubt that its made all of our lives easier. But did you know that you can even sell your house using an online estate agent?

It turns out that this option can actually save you time and money, and after experiencing the convenience of using a real estate agent site like, its unlikely that youll ever go back to using a traditional real estate agent.

Here are some reasons why you should use an online estate agent next time you need a realtor:



We all like saving money, and one of the biggest costs when youre selling your property are the fees for your real estate agent. But this is a great reason why you should use an online estate agent. For just 595 youll receive the knowledge and experience of a certified real estate agent, all valuations and assessment, photos of your floor plan, and an EPC assessment (this may require a small fee).

595 is also the only fee youll pay, which is tiny when you compare to a high street agent which would charge between 2% and 2.5% of your sale price, plus additional fees for any assessments and valuations. This means that for a house worth only 100,000 you would be paying at least 2,000 to go with a traditional estate agent.


We all lead busy lives, and when were trying to juggle family and work commitments, while trying to sell property, its natural that we would get stressed. While high street real estate agents have set times when they can be contacted (usually business hours of 9am-5pm Monday to Friday), online estate agents are available any time, so you can send them that email during your lunch break, while youre up with a sick child at 3am, or after dinner when you finally get a chance to sit down in front of your laptop.



While many people assume that high street agents are simply better at getting property in front of the target market, you may be surprised to learn that this isnt necessarily true. In fact if your agent is with OnTheMarket, they can only list it on one of two of the largest property portals- either Zoopla or Rightmove. An online agent has no restrictions like these, so can take advantage of both sites as well as their own website- all for the initial fee.


Often high street agents have high fees because they have local knowledge about your area. But if youve been living in the area for awhile you probably have much more local knowledge than any real estate agent, which makes you an expert. Online agents like to use your knowledge, which is one of the reasons why their fees stay so low, and this also allows you to sit in the drivers seat since you know your area so well.

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