How To Clean Your Diamond Earrings At Home In 5 Easy Steps

If you’re the proud owner of a particularly sentimental or expensive pair of stunning diamond earrings, then it’s always best to get them professionally cleaned. However, if your pair has just got a bit mucky after a trip abroad or you just feel like they need a little TLC, it’s actually very easy to clean them on your own. We’ve put together this simple 5 step guide to help you keep your jewellery in tip-top condition. 

  1. Fill a bowl

Earrings are only small, but you’ll want to fill a medium-sized bowl with warm water to clean them. This is so you can make a sufficiently strong solution of water and soap to clean the diamond earrings rather than soaking them in a tiny amount of water that will cool too quickly to have an effect.

  1. Add soap

The soap that you use for this is important. You do not want to use a soap that has any special scents or dyes which could affect the jewellery. A few drops of plain washing-up detergent or hand soap will do the trick nicely.

  1. Leave to soak

Like all good things, the key to a successful home clean is patience. Leave your earrings soaking in the soap and warm water solution for at least 30 minutes (up to an hour is fine) to allow the mixture to get to work softening any dirt that might be hiding in corners.

  1. Scrub

After the earrings have had time to soak in the soap and water solution, any dirt in cracks or adhered to the surface will have has time to loosen and soften. You don’t want to scratch the surface, but you do need to lightly (very lightly!) scrub the surface to remove dirt and residue. The best tool for this is an ultrasoft children’s toothbrush; the bristles will target even the tiniest nooks and crannies but are not abrasive enough to cause any damage to the jewellery.

  1. Rinse and pat dry

After you have successfully, gently scrubbed off any layers of drinks or specks of grime that were blemishing your sparkly earrings, it’s time to give them a rinse and then gently pat them dry with a soft, shed free cloth. It’s important to ensure the earrings are as dry as possible to avoid any damage being caused by water remnants.

Cleaning your own jewellery can feel like you’re taking a risk, and as we mentioned – if you’re handling anything particularly valuable, or an antique, it is best to get them cleaned professionally. However, a quick touch-up to your sparkly accessories like these high-quality jewels from abelini jewellery can happily be done at home!

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