Gift ideas for your family and friends this Christmas

Now that its almost Christmas, you may be panicking as you realise you havent finished your Christmas shopping and you have no idea what to get your family and friends.

If you can feel time running out and you need some advice, here are some great gift ideas:



If someone you know loves to travel, a good pair of headphones is a great choice. youll find that the next time theyre on a long flight with loud kids or crying babies, theyll be feeling very grateful for your thoughtful gift. Even if your friends and family members dont travel regularly, for people who love music, the type of headphones theyre using can make all the difference.

Beats are some of the best headphones, although these can also be pricey, so take a look at Urbanears which has many different styles and colours- from baby pink to black. These are wireless which make them the perfect choice for those with an iPhone 7.


Sometimes we just want something to unwrap, and for kids half the magic of Christmas is diving into their gifts and leaving gift wrapping paper all over the floor as they discover what each gift is. Remember how excited you were to get a Furby in the 90s? well it turns out theyre back, with built in Bluetooth meaning you can connect it to your tablet. For young kids, Star Wars, NEFF, and LEGO are the most popular gifts this year, along with life-like dolls and robotic pets.

And for your pooch, dont forget you can buy toys for your dog online, so all members of your family can receive gifts this Christmas.



Cameras make incredible gifts, because often people who travel are hoping to get a new camera but are unable to afford one. For the adventurous types, consider getting a GoPro, which will allow them to take photos while diving, snorkelling, and a variety of other fun outdoor activities. And for those who love vintage gifts, consider a polaroid camera (yes, these still exist), which will allow them to take those fun, instant, white-bordered photos with their friends and family members.


Many people assume that giving vouchers for Christmas is the easy way out, but teenagers would often rather have a voucher to a cool store so that they can go shopping and enjoy the after-Christmas sales. It can be nice to get them something small to unwrap, like a box of chocolates, and then put the voucher with the gift so theyll also be able to look forward to buying themselves something nice later on.

Even for adults, getting a voucher to their favourite store will mean that youre guaranteed to be giving them the perfect gift- after all, when theyre choosing it themselves you cant go wrong.

If youve still got Christmas shopping to do, now is the time to do it. Dont delay any longer, and use the above list for those people who are tricky to buy for.

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