Dirty Politics


Politics is the way in which people are governed. It also involves the way in which an area is governed. This can be a nation and even a business. Any place where one asserts power over a certain people, there will be politics at play. And because politics is a game of power, there will be always what we call dirty politics.

What is Dirty Politics?

Dirty politics is when the people in power use unorthodox means to get in power. In most places, it either you are voted into power or you inherit power or just like people casinos in America. And there are other cases where one wants to be in power no matter the cost. It is in such cases where dirt politics comes to play. A person doing all that they can to get and keep a position of power, regardless of what it will cost them.

The End Justifies the Means…

The end justifies the means. This means that only the result matters. Whatever that you do to get there, does not matter at all. This is usually the motto for many who engage in the game of dirty politics. This is because all that they are concerned with is the result. How and what they did to get them, does not really mean a thing. As long as they are there at the end. 

Can We Justify Dirty Politics?

There are some instances where one played the game of dirty politics for the greater good of the people. Therefore, given such cases can we justify their acts? Sacrificing a few to save the lives of many, is this a recommendable act? There is no correct and wrong answer to that question. However, what we do know is that by playing online casinos real money games, you can win real money. And if you win real money by playing these games, you have extra bucks to spend on yourself.


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