Tips for saving money on online shopping

The days when shopping used to be all about hitting the High Street on a Saturday morning and lugging heavy bags back home are dwindling, and instead more and more of us are choosing to do our shopping from the comfort of our living room, with a laptop perched on our knee. It’s no wonder when you look at some of the massive savings you can find online, and if you are a little clever and learn a few ways to cut costs even further, you could grab yourself some serious bargains.

Of course, finding out those ways to save is about knowing a trick or two. Some are obvious, some aren’t, but below you will find a few hints to help you save money on your online shopping.


Shop the sales

Obviously if you’re wanting to save money then you wait for the sales, and the same thing applies online. You’ll find websites which will tell you when sales are about to start, so make a date in your diary and wait until you can hit those sales with gusto. This is especially good if you’re wanting to make a big purchase, such as a large electrical item.

Use a price comparison website

Again, if you’re wanting to make a particular purchase, head to a price comparison website and find out where you can get it cheapest. Even if you save a little it’s better than nothing, and every penny saved is a penny extra in your pocket. Shopping around will always yield better savings.


Fill your basket and then review the next day

The problem with online shopping is that if you’re bored and you’re sat perusing a website of an evening, you’re likely to make impulse purchases that you don’t really need. The best thing to do is fill your basket, get that rush of “shopping”, but don’t go to the check-out until the next day. Review your basket when the boredom has passed and you’ll probably find you remove a few items and save cash on your final total!

Use credit wisely

Certain websites will allow you to pay for your items on credit, and when you open an account there may be an offer whereby you get a certain percentage off your first order. You can take advantage of this without getting into debt, but it is a case of being strict with yourself. Open that credit account and get the money off the first order, but then when the statement arrives, pay it off in full. Money saved and no debt! The same can be said for buy now pay later offers, which are useful if you need something but can’t afford it right now, e.g. a washing machine for example. Provided you pay the total amount before the buy now pay later period ends, you won’t pay interest. Despite this, always check small print.

These are just a few ways you can shop online without a huge price tag, with the added benefit of not having to carry heavy shopping bags!



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