How to Lose Weight this Year

Are you ready to finally lose those excess pounds? Are you sick of barely fitting your fat jeans and feeling self-conscious in photos? Losing weight doesnt have to mean giving up everything you love, and you may be surprised to learn that with a little dedication you can beat the bodyfat and get your life back.

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Losing weight isnt just about looks, and obesity is a huge problem in many countries, with excess weight gain contributing to a number of serious health problems including heart disease and diabetes.

Unfortunately, once you decide that its time to lose weight, youre likely to find that most of your social occasions revolve around food. Whenever anyone wants to say congratulations, theyll often give you cupcakes or chocolate. For birthdays and anniversaries its cake, and lets not even talk about the huge portion sizes at almost every restaurant.

The good news is that within a few weeks of deciding to lose weight, youre likely to find that you sleep better, you sweat less, you have more energy, you can fit into your smaller clothes and people begin to notice a difference.

The problem is that usually when we decide to lose weight we go crazy and restrict our calories, exercise every day, and then dont see results for the first week, or the scale shows us that weve actually gained weight. So we throw in the towel and binge on bad food, before resolving to start out diet again on Monday. This yo-yo dieting is terrible for our metabolism and actually causes us to gain weight.

Were constantly given conflicting information about losing weight. First we were told to eat plenty of carbohydrates and low-fat foods, however this led to huge rates of obesity and we discovered that carbs are treated by our bodies like sugar, and actually causes us to gain weight.

The answer? Small and consistent changes that you can keep up with. Ditch the soda, even if its diet. Cut down on dinners out and begin reading food blogs to learn great recipes for cooking at home instead. Let your friends know that youre focusing on your health so you wont be coming to dinner but if theyd like to catch up for a walk on a beautiful day, youre definitely available.


Swap out high-carb snacks with just a few pieces of quality dark chocolate, replace pretzels and dip with carrots and a dip/cottage cheese mix, and load up on protein to keep you full. Dont be afraid of fats like butter and olive oil, as these are actually good for you and will keep you full for longer.

Finally, getting active is great for both your mood and your waistline. If youre not a fan of sweating it out at the gym, find a sport you love like mountain biking. You can find specialized bikes and even cycle clothing online, and biking is a great low-impact cardio exercise and a good way to get outdoors.

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